G1 Cartoon Plot Holes That Need to Be Fixed Part 2-Why Didn’t the Dinobots Have To Go to Vector Sigma?

It’s been too long since I wrote Part One (https://www.autoassembly.org.uk/g1-plot-holes-need-fixed-part-one-can-autobots-fly-not/) so it’s about time that we explored another G1 cartoon plot hole that needs to be fixed.

We know that the continuity errors in the G1 cartoon are mostly down to there being such a variety of writers who worked on the show. However, because these errors haven’t been explained in the show, it’s down to us to try to come up for something reasonable for these story errors and make the G1 cartoon universe make more sense!

Season two, The Key To Vector Sigma Parts 1 & 2. Awesome. One of the best Transformers stories written and a great way to introduce two new combiner teams (The Aerialbots and Stunticons). From chatting to other Transformers fans, it seems to me that many of us love the episodes that delve into the history, culture and perhaps even mythology of the Transformers. In this two-parter we learn that there’s a super computer called Vector Sigma which gives all Transformers life. Very cool.

When Megatron gets frustrated that the Autobots rule the roads, he decides to create a team of Decepticons who transform into cars. The only problem is without personalities they’re just lifeless robots, hence a trip to Cybertron and a visit to Vector Sigma to give life to the Stunticons.

Optimus Prime naturally follows with his loyal Autobots to try to stop Megatron, and as the story unfolds the Autobots create a plane based team to counter the Stunticons from the air. Again, a trip to Vector Sigma is required to give life to these new Aerialbots.

Rewind back to season one, the Dinobots are introduced over the course of two episodes. First, Grimlock, Sludge and Slag are created in the episode ‘S.O.S Dinobots’ and then Swoop and Snarl are created in the episode ‘War of the Dinobots’. They’re just built at Autobot HQ, no trips to Vector Sigma. Despite being less intelligent than the rest of the Autobots, they all have personalities and function as individuals.

So why, didn’t the Dinobots need to go to Vector Sigma, when in season two, 10 transformers all need to go to Vector Sigma to be given life? Did the Autobots have life-giving technology which they used up on the Dinobots?
Was Teletraan 1 able to link up to Vector Sigma (after all they’re both computers) through technology which would subsequently be damaged and rendered unusable after the Dinobots were created?
Have I got this all wrong and did the Dinobots actually go to Vector Sigma following creation? Was it just not mentioned in those episodes for the sake of brevity in the story telling process? Perhaps one day a new DVD and Blu-Ray release will come out with deleted scenes amongst the special features, and there will be a ‘Dinobots  go to Vector Sigma’ deleted scene-with a director saying-“…..yes we did a scene where Vector Sigma gave life to the Dinobots, but we just felt that other parts of the story were more relevant to the viewer, so due to time constraints we ultimately decided to cut that scene out………that’s why we were pleased for the opportunity in season two to fully explain how life is given to the Transformers……”

What do you think? Do any of these explanations resonate with you? Do you have your own explanation? Let us know in the comments.

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