Episode Review: Transformers S02 Ep30 – “The Secret Of Omega Supreme”

“Talk premature, disturbance unnecessary”

Written by David Wise, this episode opens with the Constructicons harvesting energy from an Asteroid in space. They are discovered by Cosmos. Prime asks him to gather more information while he goes to see Omega Supreme, in his Transformers debut. Omega initially seems disinterested in Prime’s request to investigate the Asteroid, until he learns that the Constructicons are involved. Omega is visibly angered by the presence of the Constructicons so Prime asks him to go deep and explain why.

“Omega Supreme, you’re as fit as any guardian robot I ever examined”

Flash back to Cybertron and we learn that Omega was a guardian robot, in charge of guarding the Crystal city. Omega was friends with the Constructicons, who were the builders of the Crystal city. Megatron reprogrammed the Constructicons using a device called the Robo-smasher though. Working for Megatron, the Constructicons give Omega a false story of an attack elsewhere, while they go about destroying the Crystal city! Omega is devastated (no pun intended) by the betrayal. Despite his best efforts to help the Constructicons and program them back to the way they were, Megatron’s reprogramming could not be undone. Omega’s hate of the Constructicons led him to follow them across the galaxy for millions of years, leading him to earth when he discovered they had rejoined Megatron.

“I want to know where the refinery is hidden”

In the present, Cosmos has confirmed that the Decepticons presence on the asteroid is due to mining efforts, so Prime sends Omega to get the Constructicons off it. As the Autobots analyse the asteroid they realise it’s organic, but Omega is already seeing red, and doesn’t listen when Prime tries to advise him. Even as an organism hatches from the Asteroid, Omega lets it go to Earth so he can try to get revenge of the Constructicons.

“It’s attacking because it’s hungry, we’ve got to get it back to that asteroid.”

Teletraan-1 analyses the situation and explains that the creature which hatched from the asteroid is looking for food, as the asteroid itself is what should nourish it, and the only way they can get it away from earth is with the help of Omega Supreme. As the beast tries to feast on San Francisco, the Autobots do their best to contain it, while Omega Battles with Devastator!

An impassioned plea from Optimus Prime makes Omega Supreme realise that he’s reliving his experience on Cybertron, and if he doesn’t intervene, another city will be destroyed if he fails to act. Megatron tries to destroy the asteroid and Omega Supreme as he’s guiding the beast back to its food source, but thankfully Prime knows Megatron too well and is able to thwart his plans. Omaga’s efforts are successful, and the beast gets its nourishment from the asteroid and flies off into space.

Key Scenes, Plot Points and Characters:

There are two scenes in this episode between Prime and Omega, where Prime is able to get through to Omega with his calm and passionate demeanour. Especially the scene at the end of the episode where Prime helps Omega understand that there are more important things than revenge.

The Verdict:

A good episode with an interesting introduction to Omega Supreme’s character This episode scores 7 energon cubes out of 10.


In the Episode “Heavy Metal War” the impression is given that the Constructicons were built on earth, in the caverns where Megatron takes on the powers of his warriors. In this episode however we’re told that the Constructicons joined Megatron on Earth. A contradiction, or is the truth somewhere in the middle? A topic to explore another time! We very rarely get backstories for new characters let alone learn how they have come to arrive on earth, so it’s good that this episode explains the arrival of Omega Supreme on Earth.

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