Episode Review: Transformers S02 Ep20 – “Megatron’s Master Plan, Part 2”

“This makes me sick….”

After “Autobot Day” was foiled in part 1, part 2 opens with Sean Berger putting on “Decepticon Day” to honour and celebrate the Decepticons.

Spike continues to search through video footage tapes and finds further evidence of the Autobots innocence. Ravage tries to apprehend him, but Spike manages to outsmart him and escape with his evidence.

As the Decepticons are trying to blend in with their new human friends, the Autobots are flying through space wondering what to do about their predicament-and who to blame. Optimus Prime reflects and wonders if he made the wrong decision. He orders Cliffjumper to change the direction of the ship, but they discover that it is locked in with a collision course with the sun.

“It’s over! The Autobots are subatomic particles!”

As the Autobots start to overheat and all looks lost for them, on Earth, Berger is getting impatient that Megatron hasn’t delivered on his promise for control of 3 cities. Megatron though, is more interested in tuning in to watch the ship carrying the Autobots being destroyed by its collision with the sun. He revels in watching it explode on his viewscreen.

“How could we have been so stupid?”

Spike takes his video evidence to the mayor, who agrees that the evidence is indisputable. Meanwhile, Megatron conducts a press conference where he reveals his true intentions-to conquer the planet and take all of its energy! He also reveals his alliance with Berger, which sets the human population against him.

As the Decepticons set about creating destruction and chaos on earth, and enslaving humans to fill their energon cubes, Berger laments seeing the Autobot ship being destroyed by its collision with the sun. Spike, Sparkplug and Chip are saddened to hear this, but Spike sets about clearing their names by showing his video evidence of their innocence on the TV network-but before he can, Ravage and Laserbeak tackle him and destroy the tape!

“Maybe I can get Teletraan to help us out of this fix”

All is not lost for the Autobots, they evacuated the ship before its destruction, and Trailbreaker encased them all in a forcefield, which is towed through space by Cosmos-the Autobot Minobot, whose alt mode resembles a flying saucer spaceship. They aren’t out of the woods yet though as Cosmos’s navigation is controlled by Teletraan-1, so he is also being directed towards the sun. Meanwhile, while slaving away filling energon cubes, Spike and Chip hatch a plan. Spike creates a diversion so that Chip can escape and get to Autobot HQ.

At the Ark, Spike learns of Megatron’s redirection of the Autobot ship and its destruction. Just as he’s trying to see whether Cosmos is still online, Thrust breaks into the base, blasts Teletraan, and takes chip back to the energy plant. Fortunately, Thurst blasting Teletraan, frees up Cosmos’s navigation, allowing him to travel back to Earth!


The humans send a barrage of jets to try to stop the Decepticons. Starscream and his jets quickly and effortlessly repel them though. Just as Megatron is gloating, the Autobots arrive and begin the assault to stop the Decepticons and free the human slaves. The Autobots outnumber and overpower the Decpeticons and are relentless in their offensive. Megatron concedes that he has lost the advantage, and the Decepticons retreat.

“You are going to face justice, and may it be kinder to you than it was to us”.

Berger laments his actions and pleads for forgiveness. Optimus Prime delivers a mic drop line, before leading his Autobots for home.

Key Scenes, Plot Points and Characters:

As the autoboots are blasting the Decepticons relentlessly, Megatron looks back at his troops, the Constructicons in particular-as if to see if they can form Devastator. He sees a wasteland of troops who have been incapacitated. As he looks back at the Autobot aggressors, he sees an overwhelming army in both number and aggressiveness. He senses that the battle is lost and orders the retreat. This is a very brief scene, but like an actor who can express themselves through facial expressions and body language-no words are needed to express the meaning of it. Fantastic.

Thrust’s pursuit of Chip and blasting of Teletraan-1 being the key to allowing the Autobots to be released from Cosmos’s trajectory with the sun is a well written Irony.

The Verdict:

A great conclusion to a great two-parter. 10 energon cubes out of 10.


I was expecting part 2 to not be as flawless as part 1, but it exceeded my expectations. Cleverly written and well concluded.

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