Episode Review: Transformers S02 Ep18 – “Microbots”

“This thing’s been here longer than the hill, it could be millions of years old!”

A group of archaeologists are excavating a Mayan site and they come across what looks like the remains of a spacecraft which appears to be very old. Megatron sees the discovery on the news and declares that it’s a Decepticon ship! He knows what its contents are and declares that he must have it.

At Autobot base, Perceptor is repairing Ironhide’s chip, while having to listen to Brawn dismiss his efforts as less important than fighting Decepticons. Meanwhile Optimus Prime has learnt about the Decepticon ship that Megatron has discovered, and he takes a team to intercept.

After grappling with the jungle, Megatron finds his bounty aboard the newly dug up ship: the Heart of Cybertron. An energy source powerful enough to power a ship for flight across the stars. The Autobots arrive in time to see him have it implanted inside himself to make him more powerful.

“He’ll blow us away if we attack”

The Autobots try to take on Megatron, but all of them, including Optimus Prime are relentlessly blasted by Megatron’s new powers. Smokescreen covers Megatron in smoke thick enough that he can’t see the Autobots blasting him. They use the distraction to blast the hill and cover the Decepticons in rock, which allows them time to escape.

At Autobot base, after licking their wounds, Perceptor comes up with a plan to use the Transmat Reduction Beam to shrink the Autobots down to a size so small that they can get inside Megatron to disconnect the heart of Cybertron.

Preceptor, Bumblebee, and a cynical Brawn are shrunk down and taken by Powerglide to Megatron. Fortunately when they arrive, the Decepticons have become intoxicated by over consumption of energon as they prematurely celebrated their victory over the Autobots. The Microbots enter Megatron’s body and set about finding their way through his inner defenses to the Heart of Cybertron.

“This thing’s like a hyper bomb, one wrong move and the whole planet is rubble!”

The Autobots construct a force shield to protect their base from (the now sober) Megatron’s attacks. Inside his body, the Mircrobots have ridden his evil brain impulses to the Heart of Cybertron. Perceptor manages to expertly disconnect the Heart just as Megatron has broken through the Autobots defenses. Optimus Prime takes advantage of Megatron’s new vulnerability and confusion to blast him. The Microbots start to regain their normal size just as they escape from Megatron’s body.

“….anyone who doesn’t think he’s a hero is gonna have to have to answer to me!”

Perceptor stops the unstable heart of Cyberton from exploding where it could cause any harm, and Brawn’s uncertainties over his value to the Autobots are finally put to rest!

Key Scenes, Plot Points and Characters:

Well, drunk Decepticons! That’s definitely an amusing scene, but it worked well in the context of the show. Perceptor and Brawn feature heavily in this episode and get to showcase their skills and personalities. The early scene of a Decepticon ship being excavated is thought provoking, as it obviously raises the point that Transformers have visited our planet before, perhaps even before the arrival of Optimus Prime and Megatron. Now there’s a spin-off show I’d like to see!

The Verdict:

“Honey I shrunk the bots”, is amusing and entertaining, but isn’t a standout episode. 5 energon cubes out of 10.


5 out of 10 might seem like a low score. But as I’ve mentioned before, there are so many Transformers episodes that are just so good, that it’s hard to give episodes that are “just ok” a high score in comparison to them. However, I think it’s important to keep in mind that not every episode has to be a standout episode. This episode is still fun and entertaining and worth a watch.

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