Best 5 ways to stream Transformers and other cartoons

Well, this is an article that just does what it says on the tin: I’m going to tell you where to look for streaming all kinds of cartoons, including, but not limited to, Transformers G1 cartoons and beyond. You see, I want to make it up to you for telling you that I liked the Michael Bay Transformers films. So instead of having you search all over the web for good things to watch, I’ll tell you where to go for some good ol’ fashion binge watching. Some are even free, so if you’re feeling flush after that, you can try and see how to find an online casino in uk; you never know!

  1. my first pick is one of the best because IT’S FREE! Yep, you got that right: you can stream quality, classic cartoons for free! Availability may vary between regions, but using a VPN service is easy and will surely unlock a hell of a lot of content for you, both on this site and on others. Be free of geo-restrictions, and be free to spend your money else-where!
  2. I know this is an obvious one, but as a paid service, this will probably have the highest amount of more recent content available. G1 is available in some regions, too, so you can get your “more than meets the eye” fix right there and then. (Remember that Netflix selection varies according to region, so make sure to check your local Netflix listing. It’s easy to create a free 14-day trial account).
  3. very similar to Funimation but more grassroots, Toonjet is also free and will net you a heck of a lot of content; if you enjoy classic cartoons and don’t mind the outdated UI and UX, this is a fantastic choice. And hey, it’s free, so that doesn’t hurt, does it?
  4. yes, I know this is mostly an anime site, but let’s not forget that Transformers is a Japanese IP! so if even if due to geo-restrictions you can’t find G1 goodness, there’s plenty here to enjoy. They have both free and premium models so you can’t justify not checking it out. Plus, they’ve got an app for almost every device. Watching on the go? It’s a go-go!
  5. Sky/BBC iPlayer/Etc: Well, I know this is almost cheating, but if you’ve got a Sky account and/or receive BBC stuff (put another way, if you live in the UK), you may already have access to a lot of cartoons, anime and other good stuff. Just because you already have it doesn’t mean you know everything about it. Explore the catalogues of your existing services and you’re sure to find something you haven’t seen before.

So, what do you think of the list?

If you know any more services, please let us know in the comments. We might do another article featuring the top 5 choices from the readers!

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