Auto Assembly 2015 Update – 24th June 2015

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We’re posting this today to give all of you a quick update regarding this year’s convention and Auto Assembly in general. While Auto Assembly 2015 is now just a couple of months away we’re still working to bring you a convention that you won’t forget. We have some great programme items that we will be announcing shortly that will be incredibly memorable for all of you who join us for the convention’s swansong and we’ve still got plenty of details coming soon about everything that will be taking place over the weekend in our Alternative Programme rooms so there’s lots more to look out for.

However, we do want to bring all of you an update and a reminder about the convention on a general level. As most of you will know, when we announced that Auto Assembly 2015 was set to be the last convention, we mentioned that this was for a number of reasons – the health of a number of our team members, work commitments and other personal reasons meaning that we weren’t able to commit as much time to Auto Assembly as we wanted to. Why are we mentioning this now? Well, while this has affected our decision about the convention in the future, it’s also affecting us behind the scenes with Auto Assembly 2015 and we do ask for your patience and understanding with this year’s event as well.

There will be times where we can’t respond to your emails as quickly as we would like to, bookings may take longer to process and some things that we are hoping to bring you for the convention may be taking slightly longer than usual for us to negotiate for the event. This doesn’t mean that we won’t be able to give you the best convention that we possibly can but we are having to work things around our ever-changing personal lives and for many of us it means having to put time into the convention during evenings, weekends and even late into the night to get things done.

It’s not a perfect situation for us as a team but we just wanted you all to be aware that we are working hard to bring you the best convention that you all deserve, but that we also ask for you to work with us in this difficult time for all of our team while we try to cope with our stressful and ever-changing personal circumstances that we are having to cope with while we work on Auto Assembly 2015.

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