Auto Assembly 2013 Workshops

Once again we will be running a wide range of FREE Workshops at Auto Assembly 2013 that will be open to all of our attendees and we wanted to let you know what you can expect at the convention. To take part in these, all you need to do is check the programme to find out when they are taking place and then just turn up!

We’ll be making a few changes to some of the Workshops from previous years and who knows… we may even be adding a few new ones for our 2013 event as well!

Comic Colourist Workshop

A regular part of Auto Assembly for a long time now, learn from professional colourists about how a comic page is coloured from start to finish. Hosted by Kris Carter and Liam Shalloo.

Kat Nicholson’s Art Workshop

This has been one of the biggest hits of Auto Assembly. Kat Nicholson will be taking our younger attendees through a step-by-step process to learn how to draw a mystery Transformers character… Past workshops have featured Transformers Animated Bumblebee, Optimus Prime, Grimlock and Sentinel Prime so who will it be in 2013?

Art Workshop

Back in 2013 but with a rather unusual twist but we’ll reveal more about this soon…

Kitbash Workshop

We’re still working on the details for this right now, but all we can say is that it will be hosted once again by Calloway Customs and will link in with the Auto Assembly 2013 Exclusive Custom Kit!! We are possibly going to be running two workshops this year – one for beginners and one for advanced customisers but more will be revealed shortly…

* * *

Do we have any more workshops lined up? All will be revealed soon…

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