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Until now, we have only been selling weekend passes for Auto Assembly 2013. We decided to do this because – as we have seen from previous years – the majority of our attendees register for the full weekend and as our numbers have been growing each year steadily we didn’t want anyone to miss out on all of the activities taking place at the convention because of any single day being overcrowded and the other day being relatively quiet.

We have also felt that with our varied programme of events and activities that those only attending for a single day miss out on a large part of what Auto Assembly has to offer… we run a wide range of activities and events that span the whole convention weekend with different guest panels each day, different free workshops each day, plenty of time for attendees to get to meet and talk to our guests in a relaxed atmosphere with no fixed autograph sessions, plus our weekend and evening programmes that are exclusive to weekend ticket holders.

However, we do appreciate that some of you are unable to attend for the full weekend because of work or other personal commitments or if you are on a low income and can not afford to stay for the full weekend. As such we have now released our one day tickets for Saturday and Sunday for Auto Assembly 2013. You can buy tickets as normal for Adults with youth and elderly concessionary rates as well as a reduced price ticket for families. Please note that one day tickets are strictly limited so if you are planning on attending for just the one day then we strongly recommend that you book as soon as possible.

Finally, we do want to remind everyone that your one-day pass will not get you admission to the Friday or Saturday evening programmes. Details of these will be going online shortly but they have had our script readings, guest panels, the convention party, karaoke, disco, movie screenings and much more and they’re nights you won’t want to miss out on!

You can book using our secure online booking page here. Please note that Auto Assembly does not store any of your personal details online, nor do we have access to any of your credit or debit card details during the booking process.

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