Auto Assembly 2012 Convention Exclusive Lithograph Update

AA2012 Litho

Here at Auto Assembly, we like to keep our finger on the pulse of the Transformers community and we have noticed that our recent announcement regarding our convention exclusive lithograph has caused quite a storm! So we thought we would come back to quickly dispel some fears that you may have about this exclusive and correct a couple of (understandable) misconceptions…

As many have pointed out, Marvel G1 artist Jeff Anderson has purposefully drawn the art the way he has to evoke the early Marvel comics run and we can’t thank him enough for his work and the same goes to colourist Kris Carter for his excellent use of colour. Whilst it’s clear that there are quite a few negative feelings toward the art – which we won’t hide from – there have been many positive messages posted on social media sites too. So, just like the Marvel art of old, the fan base is divided! If nothing more, it is nice to see the fan base so vocal and passionate about this issue – because we care and we are glad to see you care too.

Many have asked us about the choice of artist. For the record, we are very happy that an esteemed artist such as Jeff agreed to lend his time to this free giveaway piece for all of our attendees. He didn’t have to, and we are very grateful to him. As for whether another artist could have been approached – that is a difficult area for us; sadly, we are given to believe that Hasbro has restricted artists currently contracted to working for IDW Publishing from producing any work for unofficial events or fan organisations such as ours. As a result, another high profile artist had to abandon the project not too long ago after his involvement was sadly vetoed. We are therefore incredibly grateful to Jeff, who stepped in to help us in our hour of need.

Nevertheless, in spite of everything we say above, we don’t want our attendees to go home with a piece of art they are not entirely happy with. We value your opinion and it is extremely important to us that you have the best convention experience possible. Therefore, we have taken it upon ourselves to make the lithograph into a fully reversible piece! One side will contain the Jeff Anderson artwork and the reverse will contain another piece of artwork which we are hoping to announce in the coming week. This way, fans who are not entirely satisfied with Jeff’s reimagining of his Galvatron artwork from Target: 2006 can simply turn the litho over and have a second piece to display. And likewise, fans who are happy with this first piece of artwork still get to have it on their walls.

We hope this extra measure has gone some way to show that that we want to listen and take on board your comments and suggestions.

The Auto Assembly Team

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