Auto Assembly 2015 Artists Alley Update

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With just over three weeks to go until Auto Assembly 2015, we’re still working hard to keep bringing you more additions to the programme of activities throughout the weekend as well of plenty of surprises and additions to the convention and that also includes those who will be attending the event. That being the case, we’re pleased to announce the latest addition to the Auto Assembly 2015 Artists Alley… Alies Meerman.

Alies, better known as Sprite in Transformers circles, is a Dutch artist, mostly known for illustrating children’s activities for a local botanic garden, with puppetry, colouring books, book and magazine illustrations on the side. She has recently assisted on Andrew Wildman’s original comic HORIZON (go check it out, it’s great!).

A lifetime fan of Transformers, she has contributed to official Auto Assembly publications, like The Cybertronian Times and the AA2014 comic Reflections, since 2011. Her art will feature on one of Auto Assembly’s postcards this year which is being coloured by Auto Assembly veteran Kris Carter.

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