The Cybertronian Times – New Big Prize Competition!

To celebrate the recent release of Issue 19 of our free digital Transformers fanzine The Cybertronian Times, we thought that it was time to start giving back! So starting now we’re going to be running a series of competitions with the magazine open to all readers to win some great prizes!

Let’s Get Creative!

As a fanzine, The Cybertronian Times is all about giving fans the chance to show their love of Transformers and express their creativity at the same time. Whether it’s original artwork, fiction, comic strips – we want to actively encourage our readers to be a part of the fanzine and it wouldn’t exist without YOU.

Since the early days of the Auto Assembly convention, we’ve run art and fiction competitions for our attendees and even though the convention ended six years ago, we felt that it was time the competitions made a long-overdue return!

The Competitions

So we’re going to be running a series of competitions for all you creative types! These will be running on an ongoing basis so there will be plenty of chances to win throughout the year. Winners will be announced in each issue of The Cybertronian Times and with six issues planned each year you’ll have plenty of chances to enter!


If you’re an artist (traditional, digital or 3D), then why not send in some of your work for our art competition? We’re looking for artwork to feature in The Cybertronian Times both as internal illustrations and as cover art. It can be full colour, black and white and from any era of Transformers.


We’re looking for original text stories from any Transformers era. They don’t need to fit into existing canon, and can be crossover stories, but please state if they are your own fan variations on established continuity. Stories can be of any length but must be at least 1,500 words to be eligible for the competition.

Comic Strips

As with the fiction, they can be from any Transformers era. We are looking for single page shorts, longer stories or even longer serialised pieces. Serialised stories will be classed as multiple entries giving you more chances to win! Comic strips can be in colour or black and white but need to be illustrated and lettered. We will also accept photo stories if you feel creative with a camera!

Letters Page

We’re also after reader’s letters for our letter’s page Jazz Jives. There will be a prize on offer for our Star Letter in each issue!

The Prizes

We’re going to be giving away some great prizes, with mystery items up for grabs for the winners of each competition including toys, autographs and much more. We don’t want to spoil things too much but the first winner of the fiction competition will receive the prize below…

Competition Rules

We want to keep things as simple as possible so there are just a few basic rules to entry for the competitions:

1. Text entries must be supplied as a Word file with just essential formatting only, using single line spacing and Arial 12 font.
2. Artwork is to be supplied as a PNG or JPG file, preferably at an image size of 2480 x 3508 pixels.
3. Comic strip entries need to have file names containing the story title then page numbers in order.
4. There is no limit on the number of entries you can make for any issue.
5. We reserve the right to publish all entries in The Cybertronian Times, regardless of whether or not they are competition winners
6. All entries must be received at least two weeks before the publication of the next issue of The Cybertronian Times to be considered for the competition. If entries arrive after this date, they will be considered for the next issue.
7. If we receive fewer than three letters, three pieces of fiction, two pieces of artwork or two comic strips then those competitions will be suspended until the following issue. Entries may still be published and will be judged alongside the following issue’s entries. Alternatively, all entries will be held back until the following issue.
8. The decision of The Cybertronian Times editorial team is final

How To Enter

Send your entries to us via email to with “Cybertronian Times Competition Entry” in the subject line. Make sure you detail what you are sending along with your real name and contact details. We won’t need a mailing address from you unless you are chosen as one of our winners so there’s no need to send it initially.

Get The Magazine

To get a feel for the magazine and the type of content we’ve already published, visit The Cybertronian Times page where you can download all our free issues right now! Have fun creating and good luck!!

Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

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