Meet The Team

As our plans for Auto Assembly grow and change for the future, we’ll be bringing you a new team to help us take all of our exciting plans forward. We’ve had an ever evolving team since we first started all our activities in sci-fi fandom back in 1989 under our Infinite Frontiers name and now is no different, so let’s get on and introduce you to our team…

Simon Plumbe

Heading up the team as always, Simon will be overseeing most aspects of Auto Assembly, organising social activities in Cardiff, running the website and our other online activities and will be the co-editor of The Cybertronian Times. Away from Auto Assembly, Simon is also the editor and founder of the PlayStation Vita video games website Vita Player. You can get in touch with Simon at

Trish Plumbe

Simon”s long-suffering wife Trish will be overseeing all of our social media outlets so if you are ever visiting our Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr accounts and asking us questions over there, the chances are that it will be Trish that you’re talking to! Need to know anything about our social media coverage? Contact Trish at

Sven Harvey

Auto Assembly co-founder Sven is making a long overdue return to Auto Assembly. Sven’s initial roles will involve working alongside Simon on The Cybertronian Times and organising Auto Assembly linked social events in Birmingham. Sven also runs the sci-fi and and fantasy online community Geekology GB along with co-presenting its Youtube Channel. If you want to contact Sven, he can be emailed at

Matthew Grant

A new face to the core Auto Assembly team but not a stranger to Auto Assembly, Matt is joining us as our official photographer and face of the convention on our Youtube channel. He’ll be working to help us have a fantastic selection of videos for all of you to enjoy all year long. Outside of Auto Assembly, Matt can be found producing videos for his own Youtube Channel, Toy Therapy, bringing geeks his regular views and reviews on countless toys across the entire spectrum of the SF and fantasy genre. If you have any ideas for anything you’d like to see on our Youtube channel, just drop Matt a message at

Paula Griffee

Hailing from Finland, Paula is our in-house artist and will be using her skills as a digital illustrator to provide a range of stunning artwork across a wide range of projects that we will have in store including The Cybertronian Times and much, much more! Her art portfolio can be found on her Tumblr page at and you can contact her at

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