How Robots Will Change Our Lives in the Near Future

The technologically advanced Autobots have been wowing us for the last 35 years. Each new iteration of the franchise has brought us more advanced versions of the characters but one thing remained constant. Humanities fascination with trying to copy the Cybertronian technology or integrate it with our own. While we saw elements of this in some of the comics and animated shows, dabbling with this forbidden wasn’t seen on such a huge scale until the live action movies were upon us. But the reality of advanced robots isn’t quite as threatening or glamorous just yet…

The science of robotics is about amplifying human potentials, increasing productivity and is moving from simple reasoning towards human-like cognitive abilities. The next generation of robotics will transform our day-to-day life. It is also possible that robots can beat humans in the slot game by 2050. Read on to know how robotics will change our lives.

Robo Service

“Humans will encounter more and more robots in the service industry as they become more social,” says Illah Nourbakhsh, professor at Carnegie Mellon University. Service robots such as domestic servant robot, automated wheelchair, pet exercising robot and personal mobility assistance robot can perform useful tasks for humans. At first, people around the world will encounter robots via telecommunications. As these robots will use the most advanced technologies, it will become harder for people to distinguish robots from humans. Robots will eventually replace more service-like jobs. Robots are now being used in the hospitality industry and they are programmed to perform specific tasks with great precision.

Medical Help

Robots are making a good impact in the field of medicine and they help in relieving medical personnel from daily tasks. They also help in making various medical procedures less costly and a lot safer. Robots can also transport delicate substances and perform surgery in tiny places. You may have come across robotic medical assistants used in different hospitals. They monitor the patient’s statistics and alert the doctor when there is a need for medical help. In addition, they can also automatically feed information of the patient into the electronic health record.

Robots have a wide range of applications in medicine. They can reduce the risk for the medical professional and patient by disinfecting the operation suites. Modern robots also work in laboratories with researchers to take samples and then to transport, analyze and store them. Even though the technology is expensive, the use of robots is changing healthcare and will continue to do so in the future.

Military Cops

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles or drones are the most notable use of robots in the military over the past decades. These drones are used in combat situations and are operated by personnel in secure locations situation thousands of miles away from the war zone. Robots are also being used in modern sea operations by the Navy. The use of Boeing by the Navy to complete its undersea drone fleet can be a perfect example for this. The U.S Navy is also planning to develop full fleets of unmanned ships.

A present, the U.S Army makes significant use of robots in their various operations, such as reconnaissance and bomb disposal. In the coming years, the Army will create an entire class of robots for battlefield usage.

Let the Robot Drive

Autonomous vehicles will make the road safer and replace human drivers with robots. Huge sums are being invested by traditional car-makers and technology companies to develop autonomous driving technology. “Our extensive driving system will deliver results in a couple of years,” says Ken Washington, chief technology officer at Ford. The robots will need to learn a lot of things before coming to the roads.

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