“Early Bird” Discount For Auto Assembly 2014 Ends Soon

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We just want to give you all a quick reminder that the special discount rate on tickets for Auto Assembly 2014 is ending soon! At the moment, as a special offer for those of you who have decided to book early we have frozen ticket prices for next year’s convention at the Auto Assembly 2013. However, because of ever-increasing costs we are having to increase prices for the convention so sadly this special rate can’t last forever…

As such, this offer is only valid until 31st December 2013 so you’ve only got six weeks to get your bookings in before the deadline and after that the price rises on all tickets – adults, youth, senior citizens and family passes. Don’t worry if you’re planning on bringing the next generation of Transformers fans with you though as Under 6s will be unaffected and these will still be free! From 1st January 2014, full weekend adult ticket prices will be £55 and for those of you who want one day tickets, these will be going on sale in the Spring.

Finally, for those of you still asking about accommodation at the Hilton, Auto Assembly Deputy Head Billy Edwards has been working incredibly hard meeting with the Hilton this week and has finalised most of the details with them and we’re expecting to have everything sorted and in place for all of you to be able to book your rooms at the hotel by the end of the month. As such, this is what we will be doing on that front…

  1. We will be sending out the remaining booking confirmations for Auto Assembly 2014 over the next 7 days as normal (but minus the hotel booking details)
  2. Once we get the the hotel details finalised, a second email will be sent to all attendees with the hotel booking link
  3. All future bookings will have a new version of the confirmation email with the hotel details included
  4. At the end of December we will send all attendees a reminder email about hotel accommodation with the booking link to ensure that everyone has the hotel details

Because of our agreement with the Hilton – and at their request – we are not able to make the booking details available publicly or on a direct link here on the website but once we have it we will make every effort to get it to all of you not only as quickly as possibly, but send it again several times throughout the coming months incase any of you have trouble accessing earlier emails. Obviously if you do need it urgently please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Travelling from overseas? Don’t worry as we’re trying to sort out something special for all of you as well as we know some of you experienced problems last year!

Anyway, we’re looking forward to seeing you all in August!

Simon Plumbe

Auto Assembly Committee Head


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