Auto Assembly 2015 Artists Alley

Once again Auto Assembly will be playing host to our rather special Artists Alley. If our great line-up of guests at the convention isn’t enough for all of you, you’ll be able to find even more astonishing comic talent in our Artists Alley.

Quite simply, as a convention we only have a limited capacity in terms of the number of guests that we are able to bring to you each year but thanks to the addition of the Alley we are able to give all of you at Auto Assembly 2015 aceess to an even bigger range of comic artists and professionals than ever before! You’ll find a great mix of comic talent and we’ll be announcing all of those in attendance over the coming months but to kick off the current Alley occupants are:

  • Lee Bradley – regular artist for Titan’s UK Transformers comic, including the artist responsible for their ongoing “How To…” series of art tutorials.
  • Jason Cardy – a highly skilled artist who has recently coloured several covers for the Transformers Regeneration: One series.
  • Kris Carter – one of the speareheads behind the popular Lou Scannon series, Kris has previously worked on several Transformers issues including Spotlights Arcee, Cyclonus, Hardhead and Doubledealer.
  • Kat Nicholson – a UK comic Artist who has previously worked on Titan’s Transformers: Animated run.
  • Liam Shalloo – a high-flying video game artist, Liam worked on numerous Transformers issues in his time, such as Spotlights Hot Rod, Blaster and Grimlock as well as the Transformers: Animated series.

* * *

As with all of our regular guests making an appearance at Auto Assembly 2015, Artists appearing in the Artists Alley are subject to availability and subject to change without notice.  Thank you for your understanding.

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