All of Michael Bay’s TRANSFORMERS Films, Ranked From Best To Worst

Well, a lot of people would just put all of them in a single entry: bad. But I actually like a few of these, so I thought I’d make a list of All of Michael Bay’s TRANSFORMERS Films, Ranked From Best To Worst. What’s the worst that could happen? Let’s see if we agree on this.


The first will always be special, they say. Well, I agree. Back when Michael Bay had a modicum of taste, the eponymous entry into the franchise had promise. Sure, it had crude jokes and sexism aplenty, but there was potential and room to grow. If I had to find casino games online and put a bet onto whether Michael Bay actually grew or not, though… well, I think we all know the answer to that.


The third film in the franchise introduced some cool ideas. Most of them fell flat, of course, but still. This was also the first time Megan Fox would not make an appearance.

We also got Dr. Wolf Pack.

But we did get both John Malkovich and Frances McDormand, so I think that evens things out. Evil Russians? Party like it’s 1985! (Or 2020, take your pick).


Hey, this one doesn’t feature a crazed Shia LeBeouf, so that’s something? I actually grew to like the guy, and I think he’s grown as an actor (I loved him in Fury and Disturbia, for example). But I’m also a huge fan of Mark Whalberg. He did alright here, despite the less-than-credible character arc he plays. The film also features Dinobots, which… yeah, they’re awesome. Even when done poorly. But the greatest film this ain’t.


We get Sam Witwicky back, which can be a plus or a con, depending on which side of the 4th Indiana Jones film you stand. We also get Megan Fox, though, and she’s slightly less sexualized this time around. Hooray! Where she went for the next film, though?

“Run, Megan! It’s the wrath of the G1 fans!”


Well, either to to see if she can’t make some extra moolah, or just dumped Witwicky’s bad-luck butt out to the sidewalk. But aside from returning cast members, this one’s plot makes less sense than my taxes. It’s just a mess.


This one’s so bad that it almost single-handedly killed the franchise. I mean, it still made an obscene amount of money, but it was really, really bad. So bad, in fact, that even Mark Whalberg’s hair is like: “nope! Take me back to the 80s!”. I think TLK’s only redeeming feature aside from the actual bots, is Anthony freakin’ Hopkins. And even Hannibal Lecter can’t save this shindig.

Well, that’s about all there is to this list of All of Michael Bay’s TRANSFORMERS Films, Ranked From Best To Worst. We didn’t include Bumblebee because that’s not a Michael Bay film (you can tell because people actually liked it). All snarkiness aside, though, I’m a fan of the franchise and I do like the films, even Bay’s films. Can the source material do better? Yes, yes it can. But I’m a Star Wars fan also, and I was there for the prequels. So these films suddenly don’t feel too bad.

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