There’s More Than Meets The Eye To Auto Assembly 2014

We’ve already announced that the three primary creative team members behind the stunning IDW comic series More Than Meets They Eye are attending Auto Assembly 2014 this year, but what if you could take a peek inside the minds of this wonderful comic talent…?

Well you can as writer James Roberts, artist Alex Milne and colourist Joana LaFuente all take to the stage for a special More Than Meets The Eye Panel at Europe’s Largest Transformers Convention this August! Find out what the inspiration is behind the work and see if James will give any hints to who his next victim is likely to be…!

Auto Assembly 2014 is taking place over the weekend of Friday 8th – Sunday 10th August 2014 at the Hilton Birmingham Metropole Hotel. Order your tickets now to join us in celebrating 30 years of the Cybertronians!

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