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Auto Assembly 2014 Tourism Information and more…

We know a lot of you are travelling to Auto Assembly 2014 from outside of the local area and even from outside of the UK. While many of you are only joining us for the convention itself, there are some of you who will be staying in the area for a few days before and/or […]

Auto Assembly 2014 Exclusives

Auto Assembly 2014 Exclusives Update

If you’re still on the fence about getting the Auto Assembly 2014 convention exclusive toys that we revealed recently, they are proving to be a massive hit. Over in Canada last weekend, our friends at TFCon sold out of their allocation of the toys over the convention weekend in record time and these are now […]

AA2014 Fan Art Gallery Preview

Auto Assembly 2014 Transformers 30th Birthday Fan Art Gallery

Just when you thought we’d ran out of things to tell you about this year’s convention, we’re pleased to announce that we are bringing a new exhibit to Auto Assembly this year… or should we say YOU are! Fan art has played a huge part in Transformers remaining so popular over the last 30 years. […]

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Trading Card Giveaway At Auto Assembly 2014 With In Demand Toys

It seems as if a day can’t go past right now without another announcement about something being given away to those of you making the trip to Auto Assembly 2014 to celebrate 30 years of the Transformers with us and this time, our good friends at In Demand Toys are once again feeling generous and […]

Livio Ramondelli Workshop

Livio Ramondelli To Host Art Workshop At Auto Assembly 2014!

We know that many of you are attending Auto Assembly 2014 to spend all your hard earned money on lots of plastic but we certainly can’t ignore all of our guests that are joining us this year as we celebrate 30 years of Transformers at Europe’s Largest Transformers Convention. All of our guests are getting […]

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The Fan Sales Table Returns For Auto Assembly 2014!

No matter how passionate we all are as collectors, sooner or later we find that we have Transformers merchandise or toys that we no longer want. Trying to dispose of your unwanted items on eBay may be all well and good but how often do you have to relist them before clinching that all important […]

Charity Auction

Auto Assembly 2014 Charity Auction Details Unveiled

For over a decade, Auto Assembly has been supporting various charities with its fundraising efforts through various activities and events at the convention and this year is no exception and what would Auto Assembly be without a Charity Auction? Billy Edwards has once again worked his magic and scoured the known Universe to bring you […]

Auto Assembly Exclusive Comic Covers

Auto Assembly Convention Exclusive Comic Giveaway!

Our friends at In Demand Toys (formerly known to most of you as Toyz And Gamez) are feeling incredibly generous this year and are having a massive clearout at Auto Assembly 2014 and want all of YOU to be a part of it! They have decided to join in with us in the 30th Anniversary […]

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Surprise Hasbro Giveaway At Auto Assembly 2014!

No celebration of the Transformers would be complete without a great big thank you to Hasbro – the company which keeps bringing us loveable robots year after year and Auto Assembly 2014 is no exception! An especially big thank you is due in 2014 as, to help us celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the Transformers, […]

Reflectors Studio

Reflector’s Studio Zooms Into Auto Assembly 2014!

Another day, another exciting reveal!  We are super stoked to announce that official Auto Assembly photographer, Nick Hardy, is setting up his own Cybertronian photo booth right at the heart of the convention! At Reflector’s Studio, you can order your own personalised Tech Spec photo card, get a group shot with your friends or maybe […]