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First released in January 1998, The Cybertronian Times is our long-running Transformers fanzine. The very first issue was released as a 20 page A5 black and white publication, photocopied and sold directly to other Transformers fans via mail order and through a couple of local shops in Birmingham and despite its limited distribution channels sold surprisingly well. Over the years it became adopted as the official magazine our convention, moved into full colour and was professionally printed and saw it’s print run increase to anything up to 1,000 copies.

We have now made the shift into digital publishing and we want to bring as many of our back issues to you as possible free of charge here through the Auto Assembly website. We’ll be adding fresh issues on a regular basis as well as new issues of the magazine as they are released quarterly. Every issue presented here is available as a DRM-free PDF so please feel free to distribute them freely but the copyright on all of them remains with Auto Assembly and our parent organisation Infinite Frontiers.

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The Cybertronian Times

Issue 1 – January 1998

First ever issue containing a guide to Beast Wars toys, character profiles, fiction, artwork and more. 20 pages.

Not available digitally

Issue 2 – April 1999

Second issue featuring a G1 comic strip, an update on Beast Wars in the US, news, toy and video game reviews, fiction and the first part in a series looking at the Beast Wars TV series. 32 pages.

Not available digitally

Issue 3 – October 2000

Released at the first ever Auto Assembly event, this issue took a special look at the new Japanese Transformers series Car Robots (Robots In Disguise) with extensive reviews of the first wave of toys from the new line. Additional game reviews looking at more Beast Wars titles along with more fiction, news and comic strips. 52 pages.

Not available digitally

Issue 4 – March 2001

Our second convention issue, we took a look back at our first event alongside bringing readers more fiction, news, toy, comic and video game reviews, and another look at Beast Wars on screen. This was the last issue to feature our letters page. 52 pages.

Not available digitally

Issue 5 – August 2003

Released after a short hiatus when the event took a break, this is the first issue that was released with any colour (The print edition featured a full colour cover, but tThe digital edition presented here is in full colour). The mag contains the usual mix of fiction, DVD reviews, toy reviews, collectors guides and more. 56 pages.

Available to download at

Issue 6 – May 2004

Auto Assembly 2004 was our first convention where we were joined by a voice actor and this is the first time the magazine reflected this. The cover, illustrated by Marvel UK artist Lee Sullivan features RiD Sideburn and Mirage, played by our guest of honour Wally Wingert. The magazine itself featured profiles from several of our guests that year, exclusive interviews with David Kaye and Beast Wars Story Editor Bob Forward, an article by Simon Furman about the creation of his book Transformers: The Ultimate Guide, comic strips, toy reviews, a range of original articles from many of our attendees, fiction and more! 56 pages.

Available to download at

Issue 7 – June 2005

One year later and this time our guest of honour for the convention was Neil Kaplan, the voice of Optimus Prime from Robots In Disguise so it was only fitting that the cover reflected Neil’s appearance at the con so Auto Assembly fan favourite Simon Williams stepped up to provide the superb cover artwork. This time around as well as the regular fiction and toy, DVD and game reviews, we took a retrospective look over the first five years of the convention and an exclusive interview with RiD’s Wally Wingert. 64 pages.

Available to download at

Issue 8 – June 2006

Released to coincide with Auto Assembly 2006, the cover art this time was provided by Lee Sullivan and depicts Beast Wars Megatron in tribute of that year’s Guest Of Honor, David Kaye. Content wise, just over half of this issue was dedicated to fan fiction, but it also contained a preview news report on the live action movie, a look at Beast Wars, toy reviews, guest profiles and more. 56 pages.

Available to download at

Issue 9 – August 2008

We took a year off from the convention in 2007 and so did The Cybertronian Times. Returning a year later, we were joined at the convention by Dan Gilvezan and to celebrate his work as Bumblebee (and Spider-Man in Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends), Simon Williams produced some stunning artwork for a postcard given away at the convention which appeared in the magazine. The cover art was produced by Lee Sullivan and was an homage to an earlier piece he did for Marvel UK years before. Highlights included a look at Masterpiece and BinalTech toys, collecting comic artwork, fan fiction and a retrospective look at the live action movie.

The print version of the magazine was the first to be released in A4 format, hence the reduced page count of 48 pages

Available to download at

Issue 10 – August 2009

Details and download coming soon

Issue 11 – August 2010

Details and download coming soon

Issue 12 – 12th August 2011

Details and download coming soon

Issue 13 – 3rd August 2012

Details and download coming soon

Issue 14 – August 2013

Details and download coming soon. Our first digital only release for reasons outside of our control but that didn’t stop us from producing a great magazine.

Issue 15 – August 2014

Details and download coming soon. For the second year running we were forced to release this issue as a digital only publication.

Issue 16 – 21st August 2015

Details and download coming soon

Issue 17 – 30th November 2015

This issue is our first digital-only release since the convention ended and marks a return of the old-school Auto Assembly. This is a packed edition with reviews of the PlayStation Optimus Prime and Sega Megadrive Megatron toys, an 11 page Frenzy comic strip, the start of a new series where readers talk about their favourite shows, comics, toys, characters and more, the return of our letters page Jazz Jives plus an exclusive 5 page preview of the new comic Bruce Outback from former IDW colourist Kris Carter and his cohorts Jim Bampfield, Dan Harris and Kirsty Winskill. 52 pages.

Available to download at

Issue 18 – February 2016

Issue 19 – May 2016

Issue 20 – August 2016

Issue 21 – November 2016

Mini CT

Issue 1 – January 2005

Not available digitally

Issue 2 – March 2005

Not available digitally

Issue 3 – August 2008

Not available digitally

CT Alpha

CT Alpha was a new publication launched intended to compliment The Cybertronian Times. Planned to be released several times a year between conventions it was our plan to release this as a digital fanzine several times a year as a subscription based title. Unfortunately, due to time constraints and personal commitments and pressures, the magazine was unable to maintain its intended release schedule and was only able to produce a limited run, shorter than originally planned.

Issue Zero

Details and download coming soon

Issue 1

Details and download coming soon

Issue 2

Details and download coming soon

Issue 3

Details and download coming soon

Specials And One-Shot Publications

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