Auto Assembly 2012 Non-Attendee Pack Order Form

By popular demand we are now able to bring you our Non-Attendee Package for Auto Assembly 2012! There are many of you who are not able to get to Auto Assembly this year but still want to get involved and this is the perfect way! We have some great items as part of this year’s goodie bag and with the announcement of our fantastic Kitbash Workshop in conjunction with Calloway Customs and Kapow Toys and our exclusive add-on kit, we have been inundated with requests from fans unable to get to the convention who want to get the kit!

Anyway, there are several options to get this Non-Attendee Package so please read this carefully to make sure that you order the right pack for you and that you understand what you will receive and when you will receive the pack. We want to be clear in advance about what you will receive and the restrictions so we can be as fair as possible to everyone.

Please note that when you check out, 5% will be added at the end for PayPal handling charges as we get charged this to accept payments by PayPal and rather than increasing ticket prices for everyone to cover this cost, we have no choice but to add this surcharge. As PayPal does not have a system to add a surcharge option, it will show up on your shopping cart as “postage and packing”. Postage itself will be included in the actual prices listed.


Before we continue, we know that some of you may have ordered Non-Attendee Packages from us in the past and may have experienced problems with shipping. We have looked into the difficulties that we have encountered and we have put systems into place to prevent these from happening again. The last few years we greatly underestimated shipping costs for packs being sent outside of the UK which meant that we struggled after the convention to cover costs until we sold tickets for the following year. Also, we included original sketches from our artist guests, but these didn’t arrive with us until several months after the convention causing considerable delays.

This year, we are not including sketches so Packs will be ready to ship immediately after the convention. We have also weighed an approximate pack before setting the prices so we can make realistic charges for all of the packs that we can offer to all of you meaning that they can be shipped as soon as they are ready.


There are three basic prices for the Non-Attendee Package. This has been based on the content of the package and where you live as it takes into account accurate postage and packing costs. All Non Attendee Packages will consist of two separate packages that will be sent out to everyone – an initial shipping prior to the convention which will contain our convention exclusive litho sent in a secure poster mailing tube, and the remainder of the pack after the convention along with any additional exclusives that you may have ordered. This is the most secure way we can ship items to minimise postal damage and to ensure that you will receive something prior to the event.

  • UK – £40 inclusive of first class shipping
  • EU – £45 inclusive of airmail shipping
  • Rest of the World – £50 inclusive of airmail shipping

Please make sure that you order the correct Pack for your country as mistakes cannot be corrected afterwards.


As we have mentioned, we are running a Kitbash Workshop this year in collaboration with Calloway Customs and Kapow Toys. As part of this workshop, Calloway Customs have produced a limited edition convention exclusive upgrade kit for Generations Wheeljack to modify the toy into this year’s Workshop project, Marlboor. We will be releasing the full video of the Workshop on our Youtube Channel shortly after the convention but for those of you not able to attend, you will be able to get involved by ordering this limited edition kit as part of your Non-Attendee Pack! The Kit is available in four different forms…

  • GOLD (£35) – this contains the convention exclusive head (fully painted), and an uncut sticker set and a Generations Wheeljack toy. This is exclusive to convention attendees
  • SILVER (£25) – this contains the painted head and sticker set
  • BRONZE (£20) – this contains the painted head
  • BASIC (£15) – this is for an unpainted head only for those of you who want to paint the head yourselves!

Apart from the GOLD kit which can only be ordered if you are a full attendee, all of these are available to order NOW for Non-Attendees but MUST be ordered at the same time as purchasing you pack and can not be ordered afterwards. Also you can not order the Marlboor kit without ordering a Non-Attendee Pack. If you do so, then your order will be refunded.

Finally, we are not able to update the order list in real-time so some limited items may have sold out so if some quantities are low, we advise quick ordering to avoid disappointment.


Your Non-Attendee Pack will contain all of the items from our Auto Assembly 2012 Goodie Bag but with a few added twists, plus some extra items:-

  • Auto Assembly 2012 A2 litho print illustrated by Jeff Anderson
  • Auto Assembly 2012 Exclusive Comic
  • The Cybertronian Times Issue 13 Convention Magazine SIGNED by our guests
  • Personalised Auto Assembly 2012 Pass and Lanyard
  • Set of Auto Assembly 2012 Convention Exclusive Postcards
  • Jagex Transformers Universe Art Card
  • Entry into the Auto Assembly 2012 Prize Draw (exclusive to Weekend Ticket Holders and Non-Attendees with a first prize worth almost £300)
  • A set of the Auto Assembly 2011 Convention Exclusive Postcards
  • A copy of the Auto Assembly theme song “Transform” CD single – Non-Attendee Pack Exclusive
  • The chance to purchase the convention exclusive Marlboor add-on kit

Plus other additional surprise items if these can be arranged. The 2011 postcards will not be given away to any other Auto Assembly 2012 attendees.


Once you have ordered your Pack, you will be allocated a ticket number and within a few days you’ll be sent an email confirming your ticket numbers, the names of everyone you have ordered a Non-Attendee Pack for, details of any of the extras you may have ordered, and some general information about the convention as well. After this, we may send out a few other progress report emails but the most important email you will receive from us is your order confirmation email so keep this safe as you will need it later on…

Prior to the convention you will receive your first mailing. We will send out the litho prints first in a secure poster mailing tube as these will arrive with us before the convention. Shortly after the convention once we have all of the other items and have your copy of the magazine signed, everything else will be shipped to you. We are aiming to have these packs sent within a week of the convention ending depending on how many orders we have received for the Non-Attendee Package but we will post updates on the website. Packs in the UK will be sent out by first class mail and all international packs will be sent via airmail so they should arrive within a few days to a week at most and we will ensure that we get proof of postage upon despatch.


UK Standard Pack – £40.00

Standard Non-Attendee Pack for anyone in the UK, inclusive of first class shipping.

of attendee (essential)
Date Of
Birth (essential)


European Standard Pack – £45.00

Standard Non-Attendee Pack for anyone in the EU, inclusive of airmail shipping.

of attendee (essential)
Date Of
Birth (essential)


Worldwide Standard Pack – £50.00

Standard Non-Attendee Pack for anyone living in the rest of the world, inclusive of airmail shipping.

of attendee (essential)
Date Of
Birth (essential)



Please note that only ONE custom kit (Silver or Bronze) may be ordered per Non Attendee Pack and a maximum of two Custom Head kits. Orders placed for quantities greater than these will receive a partial refund. If you order a Silver Set please email us when you place your order at incase these have sold out and indicate whether you will accept a Bronze Set as an alternative with a £5 partial refund.

Marlboor Custom Kit – Gold Set (restricted to Auto Assembly 2012 Attendees only)

Not available to Non-Attendees

Marlboor Custom Kit Silver Set – £25 – only FIVE remaining, limited to 1 per person

Marlboor Custom Kit Bronze Set – £20 – only 13 remaining, limited to 1 per person

Marlboor Basic Custom Head – £15 – limited to 2 per person


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