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AA2015 New Logo

Urban Species Announces Exclusive Transformers G1 Auto Assembly T-Shirt!

Following the incredible success of their sell-out Dinoband t-shirt for Auto Assembly 2014, Urban Species is proud to announce the release of the exclusive Auto Assembly 2015 T-shirt, only available to those attending the final Auto Assembly convention this year! The t-shirt features a high quality print of the original Transformers: The Movie poster and […]

AA2014 Exclusive T-Shirt

Last Chance Offer To Grab The Auto Assembly 2014 Exclusive T-Shirts!

Auto Assembly 2014 may be long gone, but many of you are still asking us about the exclusives from this years convention as many of you missed out on the chance of getting the exclusive Dinobot t-shirts or the Bluster and Trench exclusive toy sets. Well, our friends at Urban Species have been in touch […]

Auto Assembly 2014 Exclusives

Auto Assembly 2014 Exclusives Update

There has been an incredible amount of excitement over the exclusives that have been produced for Auto Assembly 2014 and we’re just as excited about them as you are. We’ve got a great t-shirt produced for us by Urban Species featuring the Dinobots with artwork by Josh Burcham and this year’s exclusive toy – the […]