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Auto Assembly Website Issues

Over the last couple of days, some of you may have experienced problems in accessing the Auto Assembly website. It has been brought to our attention that our hosting company suffered a DoS (denial of service) attack that left users unable to access a vast number of websites that were hosted by them. While this […]

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Auto Assembly 2014 – 14 Days News Frenzy!

We’re into the final six-week stretch before the convention now and while many of you may think that we’ve told you all the news about Auto Assembly 2014, we’ve still got loads of surprises in store for this year’s convention. Starting today, we’ll be bringing you news announcements DAILY for the next two weeks about […]

Jim Sorenson - Transformers Legacy

Jim Sorenson to attend Auto Assembly 2014

We are thrilled to announce that in 2014, Auto Assembly will once again be graced by renowned Transformers Author, Jim Sorenson! Jim has worked with IDW since 2006 and has been the pen behind many pieces of great Transformers literature such as, The Ark (1 and 2), The AllSpark Almanac (1 and 2), The Art […]

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Auto Assembly Spam Attack – Final Update

Hi everyone, We want to thank all of you for your patience over the last week or so while many of you have had to deal with the unwanted and intrusive spam emails that have appeared to have come from one of the Auto Assembly email addresses. These emails, originating in China, have been distressing […]

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Auto Assembly Spam Attack – Update #3

Hi everyone, We just want to bring you another short update on the spam emails that many of you have been receiving over the last few days that have given the impression that they have come from us here at Auto Assembly. While our team is still working away vigilantly to take whatever steps we […]

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Auto Assembly Spam Attack Update #2

A very minor update on the flood of emails that have been going out under the Auto Assembly name. Many of you who are tech-savvy may have heard about a security flaw known as Heartbleed that has been discovered in the encryption systems used by many websites. Users across the globe are being actively encouraged […]

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Auto Assembly Spam Attack Update #1

Hi everyone, Many of us here at the convention (myself, Deputy and supremo Billy Edwards and our tech-wizard Steve Mapes) have been working hard behind the scenes to track down the source of the spam attacks that many of you have been suffering from since last night from one of our email addresses that we […]

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Important Update – Auto Assembly Spam Emails

Hi everyone. It’s been brought to my attention that earlier tonight an attempt has been made to send emails out using one of our two primary email addresses that we use for Auto Assembly. From what we can tell from this end, an email has been sent out (or has been in the process of […]

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Auto Assembly 2013 Non-Attendee Pack Update

We know that those of you who ordered the Auto Assembly 2013 Non-Attendee Packs have been waiting patiently for some time for these to arrive and and have been frustrated over the delays we have encountered in shipping these out to all of you. As you know, we have been plagued with countless problems with […]

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Auto Assembly 2014 Attendee Information Pack Available Now

As regular Auto Assembly attendees know, every year we produce an Information Pack for the convention giving all of you tips and advice about Auto Assembly to help you all make the most out of the event. The Pack also contains all of the important information you need for the convention weekend including travel details, […]