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AA2015 New Logo

The Auto Assembly 2015 Free Gifts!

Right since the first Auto Assembly convention in 2000, we’ve given gifts away to everyone who has come along to the convention. Whether it’s been a case of hurling bags of crisps into the crowd of attendees back at our first venue, the Ibis, at the original Auto Assembly event to some of our more […]

AA2015 New Logo

Auto Assembly 2015 Convention Magazine and Comic Update

As part of this year’s convention we will be producing an exclusive magazine and comic that we will be giving away to attendees at the event and as with all of our publications that we have produced, dating right back to the very first issue of The Cybertronian Times in 1998, these will be produced […]

AA2015 New Logo

Announcing the Auto Assembly 2015 Fanzine Workshop

Long before Auto Assembly began, we’ve had a track record of running events and publishing fanzines,dating right back to our first ever projects in 1989. No matter what we have been involved with, publishing has always been close to our hearts and at Auto Assembly 2015 we want to go back to our roots and […]

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New FREE Auto Assembly Fanzines Released!

Auto Assembly is only 24 hours away and we are getting excited for it and I dare say all of you lucky enough to be attending are as well, so what could be better than getting you in the mood than a little taste of AA magic in the form of another free edition of […]

CT Alpha Issue Zero

CT-Alpha Issue Zero available now!

That’s right at long last Issue Zero of our new fanzine CT-Alpha from the creative team behind Auto Assembly’s convention magazine The Cybertronian Times, is available as promised this issue is entirely free of charge.  32 pages for the cost of your time. Click the link to download it now – CT-Alpha Issue Zero So what do […]

The Cybertronian Times Issue 8

The Cybertronian Times Issue 8 – Now Free To Download

In 2006, we were joined at the convention by David Kaye for his first Auto Assembly appearance. We released Issue 8 of The Cybertronian Times to coincide with the convention celebrating David’s appearance at the event, which had a specially commissioned cover by Lee Sullivan featuring Beast Wars Megatron. It was the final issue to […]

The Cybertronian Times Issue 5 – Free Download

Back in 2003, we released Issue 5 of The Cybertronian Times to coincide with our third event and we included a copy of the magazine for every attendee who pre-registered. The print run was extended beyond this and a limited number were also available for sale afterwards, but the last of these sold about 2 […]