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AA2015 New Logo

Presenting The Second Auto Assembly 2015 Exclusive Postcard… and Sponsors Welcome!

We already unveiled the first exclusive convention exclusive postcard for Auto Assembly 2015 a couple of weeks ago featuring some stunning artwork from convention regular Ed Pirrie in a wonderful tribute to the late Leonard Nimoy but we’re not satisfied with giving you just one postcard in our final year so we’re pleased to bring […]


Opening Times Confirmed For Swerve’s Diner At Auto Assembly 2014!

Okay, you’ve waited long enough… we can now finally confirm the opening times for one of the most popular, most loved part of Auto Assembly from the last couple of years… you guessed it, SWERVE’S! We’ve mentioned it before that Swerve’s Diner is making a welcome return this year but this time our resident bartender […]

AA2014 Fan Art Gallery Preview

Auto Assembly 2014 Transformers 30th Birthday Fan Art Gallery

Just when you thought we’d ran out of things to tell you about this year’s convention, we’re pleased to announce that we are bringing a new exhibit to Auto Assembly this year… or should we say YOU are! Fan art has played a huge part in Transformers remaining so popular over the last 30 years. […]

Swerve with Cocktail Shaker

Swerve’s Lost Light Cocktails At Auto Assembly 2014!

Yes… yes you read that correctly… we’ve given Swerve the green light to serve some of his Lost Light Cocktails at Auto Assembly 2014! Fancy a shot of Energon? Or maybe you’re up for a little Blurr’d Vision? Well Swerve’s got you covered! Check out our menu which we’ve linked to this post! Drinks can […]


Swerve’s Diner Returns To Auto Assembly 2014

That’s right robot fans! The hugely popular Swerve’s Diner will be back at this year’s Auto Assembly, serving great food at affordable prices (so you all have more to spend on toys with our wonderful Dealers!) We’ve worked closely with the Hilton to listen to your feedback from last year and as a result, we […]

Swerves Birthday Bonanza

The Transformers 30th Birthday Bonanza at Swerve’s!

Be honest… you didn’t think we’d let the BIG anniversary go by without a party, did you?! It’s very simple. We’re transforming the Auto Assembly 2014 Saturday night show into the Biggest Cybertronian Birthday party you ever did see! Don’t worry – all of your favourite Saturday night items will still be there, such as […]


Swerve’s Opens For Business At Auto Assembly 2013 Tonight

Yes, you read it right! Due to popular demand, Swerve’s is opening early! For a limited period tonight, Swerve’s Diner will be open at Auto Assembly 2013 serving hot and cold food at great convention prices from 6:00 pm until 9:00 pm in the Library directly opposite the Palace Suite in the Hilton Birmingham Metropole […]