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The Auto Assembly 2015 Free Gifts!

Right since the first Auto Assembly convention in 2000, we’ve given gifts away to everyone who has come along to the convention. Whether it’s been a case of hurling bags of crisps into the crowd of attendees back at our first venue, the Ibis, at the original Auto Assembly event to some of our more […]

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Presenting The Second Auto Assembly 2015 Exclusive Postcard… and Sponsors Welcome!

We already unveiled the first exclusive convention exclusive postcard for Auto Assembly 2015 a couple of weeks ago featuring some stunning artwork from convention regular Ed Pirrie in a wonderful tribute to the late Leonard Nimoy but we’re not satisfied with giving you just one postcard in our final year so we’re pleased to bring […]

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First Auto Assembly 2014 Exclusive Postcard Unveiled

As we teased about on our Twitter page a couple of days ago, in addition to bringing you full details of all of our guests at this year’s convention over the coming weeks, we promised you an early look at one of this year’s exclusive postcards that will be given away FREE to everyone who […]

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Auto Assembly 2013 Postcard Sponsorship Offer

For the next 24 hours we are offering all our potential sponsors the chance to take advantage of a great opportunity to sponsor Auto Assembly 2013 at an incredible knock-down price… As you know, every year we produce a range of exclusive postcards that we give away to all our attendees as part of our […]

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First Auto Assembly 2013 Exclusive Postcard Revealed

Every year, we produce a series of exclusive postcards that we give away to all our attendees as part of our goodie bags which contain a range of gifts and – as of 2012 – our exclusive convention magazine and comic. Over the years, these have featured brand new artwork commissioned specially for the convention, […]