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Transformers Toy Review: Titans Return – Deluxe Class Sergeant Kup with Flintlock

I don’t know what it says about me, but two of my favourite Transformers characters are Ironhide and Kup. The two cantankerous, bashed up old warriors. Both have similarities in their characters and both have had some pretty naff toys over the years although Kup can claim to be coming out ahead in that respect, […]

Toy Review: Titans Return Legends-Class Bumblebee

Another year, another Bumblebee. It seems Hasbro has a real love for making a multitude of Bumblebee figures year in, year out. This year is no exception with the Titans Return line bringing with it yet another version of this iconic little lovebug. I will admit, when it was announced, I was suprised they didn’t […]

Third Party Transforming Toys – Do We Know Enough?

We may be playing a game that we’ve indulged in since we were young children, but we’re not kids any more. We are in the position to make ethical, responsible choices about our purchases. With that in mind, I’d like to ask how much we really know about the purchases we’re making when we’re collecting […]

Could The Transformers Movie Franchise Take A Leaf Out Of Marvel’s Book?

Things have come on a long way for the Transformers movie franchise. It’s been 30 years since the first cinematic outing for Transformers with the animated film back in 1986 which is still held with incredibly high regard by fans across the globe for it’s depth, animation, voice acting and thumping rock soundtrack, it’s the […]

Hasbro Modern Fan Poll Online!

At Auto Assembly 2015 we were joined by Michjael Liddle, a representative from Hasbro who was conducting interviews with attendees at the convention as part of their 2015 Modern Fan Survey. Hasbro are now actively trying to gain a greater understanding of what we – the fan community – want from Transformers and while we […]

Hasbro To Run Special Fan Poll at Auto Assembly 2015!

If you thought we’d announced everything taking place at Auto Assembly 2015 this weekend then think again! Auto Assembly is no stranger to working with a range of companies involved in officially licensed Transformers products, and we’ve been involved in assisting many with their market research with existing and upcoming products before but for Auto […]

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Surprise Hasbro Giveaway At Auto Assembly 2014!

No celebration of the Transformers would be complete without a great big thank you to Hasbro – the company which keeps bringing us loveable robots year after year and Auto Assembly 2014 is no exception! An especially big thank you is due in 2014 as, to help us celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the Transformers, […]

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New Auto Assembly Europe Video Live

We’ve just released another video update for Auto Assembly Europe 2011 featuring details of some of this year’s dealers, the Goodie Bag, and information on the involvement of Hasbro Nordic in this year’s convention. You can watch the video on our Youtube Channel or click on it below. Auto Assembly Europe News Update 3

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Hasbro Toy Giveaway At Auto Assembly Europe!

As we have mentioned before earlier, Hasbro Nordic are once again very generously sponsoring Auto Assembly Europe by providing us with competition prizes! Without revealing too much, how does half a dozen Ultimate Optimus Primes sound? Or the huge Cyberverse Ark playset? We have them both, and loads more! But that’s not all! Thanks to […]

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Hasbro Nordic To Support Auto Assembly Europe Providing Competition Prizes

We are pleased to announce that Hasbro Nordic will be involved in Auto Assembly Europe this year, providing a selection of prizes for the competitions we will be running over the weekend. In the past Hasbro Nordic have provided thousands of pounds worth of prizes for us to give away and we are really excited […]