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Auto Assembly Spam Attack – Final Update

Hi everyone, We want to thank all of you for your patience over the last week or so while many of you have had to deal with the unwanted and intrusive spam emails that have appeared to have come from one of the Auto Assembly email addresses. These emails, originating in China, have been distressing […]

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Auto Assembly Spam Attack – Update #3

Hi everyone, We just want to bring you another short update on the spam emails that many of you have been receiving over the last few days that have given the impression that they have come from us here at Auto Assembly. While our team is still working away vigilantly to take whatever steps we […]

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Auto Assembly Spam Attack Update #2

A very minor update on the flood of emails that have been going out under the Auto Assembly name. Many of you who are tech-savvy may have heard about a security flaw known as Heartbleed that has been discovered in the encryption systems used by many websites. Users across the globe are being actively encouraged […]