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Bumblebee… Seeing Double At Auto Assembly 2015!

Just when you thought that we had finished with our announcements with our displays for Auto Assembly 2015, we’ve had reports of something strange going on that can only be described by a rift in the time continuum or some other plot device that has lead to a SECOND Bumblebee arriving at Europe’s Largest Transformers […]


Barricade Smashes His Way Into Auto Assembly 2015!

While the Autobots may already be represented at Auto Assembly 2015 by Bumblebee, you can always be certain that the Decepticons aren’t too far behind and this year’s convention is no exception and just like last year, we’ve found out that Bumblebee’s nemesis, Barricade is hot on his trail and is pursuing him straight to […]


Barricade On Patrol At Auto Assembly 2014!

Hot on the tailpipe of his Autobot adversary, we are terrified to report that the Decepticon “Barricade” will be attending Auto Assembly 2014! Barricade will be patrolling the Birmingham Hilton Metropole Hotel during Europe’s largest Transformers Convention, on the lookout for Bumblebee, whose attendance was announced just a few days ago. Like Bumblebee, this beautifully […]