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10 Most Irritating Bay Movie-verse Characters

I see myself as something of an anomaly among  Transformers fans. I grew up with G1 and I like the Michael  Bay movies. What?! You heard me. For what they are, I find them quite entertaining. That’s not to say I don’t recognise some of the huge issues that the movies have. No movies perfect. […]

Toy Review: Titans Return Legends-Class Bumblebee

Another year, another Bumblebee. It seems Hasbro has a real love for making a multitude of Bumblebee figures year in, year out. This year is no exception with the Titans Return line bringing with it yet another version of this iconic little lovebug. I will admit, when it was announced, I was suprised they didn’t […]


Bumblebee… Seeing Double At Auto Assembly 2015!

Just when you thought that we had finished with our announcements with our displays for Auto Assembly 2015, we’ve had reports of something strange going on that can only be described by a rift in the time continuum or some other plot device that has lead to a SECOND Bumblebee arriving at Europe’s Largest Transformers […]


Barricade Smashes His Way Into Auto Assembly 2015!

While the Autobots may already be represented at Auto Assembly 2015 by Bumblebee, you can always be certain that the Decepticons aren’t too far behind and this year’s convention is no exception and just like last year, we’ve found out that Bumblebee’s nemesis, Barricade is hot on his trail and is pursuing him straight to […]


Bumblebee Rolls In To Auto Assembly 2015!

We shocked everyone who attended Auto Assembly 2014 with a fantastic car display courtesy of our very good friends at and ever since then people have been asking us whether we’d be joined by any more four-wheeled friends again for the convention this year… Well, we’re incredibly excited to announce that once again everyone’s […]

Bumblebee Making A Pit-Stop At Auto Assembly 2014!

Calling all Autobots… what better way to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the Transformers, than to join in with the fun! We’re thrilled to announce that everybody’s favourite yellow bug has taken a break from saving the earth, to come and hang out with our attendees at Auto Assembly 2014! For the petrol-heads amongst you, […]

Dan Gilvezan and Bumblebee and Me

Auto Assembly 2013 Presents – Night Of The Bumblebee!

Auto Assembly 2013 is just ONE MONTH away and we’re pleased to be able to bring you the first exciting details of this year’s schedule starting with the Friday night of the convention, which is EXCLUSIVE for weekend ticket holders… We are really excited about this extra special programme and we believe that it is […]

Dan Gilvezan and Bumblebee and Me

G1 Actor Dan Gilvezan’s Book, “Bumblebee And Me” Now Available On

Our good friend and former Auto Assembly guest Dan Gilvezan, the voice of G1 Bumblebee, has been in touch with us here at Auto Assembly to let us know that his book Bumblebee And Me (where he recounts his memories of his times working on the original series) is now available to TF fans in […]