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Auto Assembly 2015 - Alex Milne

Alex Milne Ups the Velocity for Auto Assembly 2015

We are immeasurably pleased to announce that Transformers comic Artist Alex Milne will be joining us for our final Auto Assembly celebration in August 2015! Most loved for his work alongside writer (and fellow AA Guest) James Roberts on the fan-favourite comic series; Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye, Alex recently set the fandom ablaze […]

There’s More Than Meets The Eye To Auto Assembly 2014

We’ve already announced that the three primary creative team members behind the stunning IDW comic series More Than Meets They Eye are attending Auto Assembly 2014 this year, but what if you could take a peek inside the minds of this wonderful comic talent…? Well you can as writer James Roberts, artist Alex Milne and […]

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Auto Assembly 2014 Guest Profiles Day 5 – Alex Milne

We thought about making you wait until next week before unveiling another guest for Auto Assembly 2014 but we decided against it so what better way to end the week than for us to confirm yet another returning guest to the convention this year… IDW artist Alex Milne who will be making his second appearance […]

Alex Milne Starscream

Alex Milne To Attend Auto Assembly 2013

We thought we’d surprise all of you with one final guest for this year’s convention and what a surprise it is! We’re pleased to announce the debut of IDW artist Alex Milne to Auto Assembly this year! Alex will be joining us at Auto Assembly 2013 for the whole weekend and will be doing sketches […]