Get Down With Jazz In The Cybertronian Times!

Right back to the early issues of our fanzine The Cybertronian Times the publication had a letters section. Whether our readers have wanted to comment on the fanzine itself or anything to do with all aspects of Transformers, we’ve always encouraged reader interaction in all ways with us. Just like the old Marvel G1 comics with their letters page, we’ve had our host for our letters. While Marvel may have turned to everyone’s favourite Dinobot with Grim Grams, we’ve handed control over to a certain high-speed, laid back Autobot…

Every issue you can send in your letters (okay emails in this modern age) to Jazz Jives! and we’ll try to publish as many as we can in each issue. If you have something to say about The Cybertronian Times, or want to get something off your chest about what’s happening in the world of Transformers, just drop us an email to with Jazz Jives! in the subject line. You’ll be able to spot the letters section in future issues thanks to the great new logo design by our artist Paula Griffee!

If you missed the last issue, you can download it FREE at and our next issue will be available soon. To have a chance of seeing your letter in Issue 18, make sure it reaches us by the end of March 2016!

Geekology: MP10 and Year Of The Horse

The Geekology team take a look at 4 of the releases of the MP-10 Convoy mould – MP-10, MP-10B, the UK release of Masterpiece Optimus Prime based on the mould and the Year Of The Horse Platinum Optimus Prime, at the request of an Auto Assembly attendee!

The original G1, G2 and black variations of the first Optimus Prime ty also appear for the sake of comparison and to explain one or two things.

The full video will direct auto-play if you read more…

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The History Of Transformers Video Games Part 1 – The 80s

It’s not just toys, television shows and comics where the Transformers franchise has been dominant for over 30 years. For almost as long as the brand has been in existence, we’ve been treated to a plethora of video games for almost every major platform. In this ongoing series, we’ll be looking at this chequered history of Transformers in gaming right from the very beginning. Accompanying this series, we’ll also be taking a more in-depth look at most of the games we’ll be talking about in separate reviews but more on this another time… This time, we’ll go right back to where it all began, back in the 1980s…

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The Cybertronian Times Issue 18 Preview

Work is well underway on the next issue of our Transformers fanzine, The Cybertronian Times and we felt that it was time to give you all a sneak preview of what’s coming up… As you all know, 2016 is the 20th Anniversary of Beast Wars so naturally we’re going to have some coverage of the ground-breaking show. We’ll have a special piece of pin-up artwork from our in-house artist Paula Griffee and this time it’s a piece requested by YOU, our readers, featuring Jazz and Tarn.

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Geekology: 1985 Triple Changers Plus!

The Geekology team take a look at the united colours of G1 Astrotrain & Blitwing (and eHobby Overcharge.)

This video covers the original 1985 releases of the two Decepticon Triple Changers, and the various different coloured Takara/eHobby and Hasbro reissues from the last 10-15 years.

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Geekology: Year Of The Goat Optimus Prime

Sven attempts to educate his co-host of Geekology, David, with regard to the Generation 2 Laser Rod Optimus Prime mould. This toy form was most recently issued as the Transformers Platinum Year of The Goat Optimus Prime, which included transparent plastic parts.

Included in the video is coverage of the original Transformers: Generation 2 Laser Rod Optimus Prime, it’s later Japanese re-issue, eHobby Laser Rod Ultra Magnus and both Car Robots Dark/Black Convoy and Robots In Disguise Scourge.

The full video will direct auto-play if you read more…

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Merchandise Review: G1 Transformers Top Trumps

I’ve been a fan of Top Trumps ever since I was a kid. Despite its simplicity, it’s a fun, compelling game and the sheer diversity of licences that have been attached to the brand in recent years have made it truly collectible. Gone are the days of sports cars, military vehicles, and relatively mundane subjects… now it’s blockbuster movies, entertainment franchises, kids cartoons and everything in between. Joining the ranks of their first two movie sets and the pack based of Transformers Prime, and released with surprisingly little fanfare, came this G1 set to coincide with the 30th Anniversary of Transformers…

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YOU choose the next pin-up artwork for The Cybertronian Times!

A few weeks ago we asked you to help us decide what artwork was going to appear in Issue 18 of The Cybertronian Times when our artist, Paula Griffee, wanted you to help her come up with some ideas for her next interior pin-up page for the magazine. Well, Paula had a great response online and directly via email and now it’s your turn again to help us choose the final artwork that will appear in the magazine! We’ve narrowed the choices down to the following characters and we want YOU to tell us your favourite – here, on Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr – and Paula will draw the most popular for Issue 18! So the choices are:-

  • Nautica
  • Velocity
  • Tarn
  • Turmoil
  • Roadblock
  • Jazz
  • Impactor
  • Windblade, Nautica & Chromia

It’s your chance to have your say on what you’d like to see in your Transformers fanzine!

Auto Assembly Website Logo

Auto Assembly Website – The Next Phase…

We’ve been going through a lot of changes over the last few months here at Auto Assembly, not least of all the re-emergence of our parent geek organisation Infinite Frontiers and our affiliation with our sister website Vita Player. It’s time now to make some major changes to the Auto Assembly website itself as we move into our next phase of our work for 2016 and beyond…

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New Interactive Gallery For The Cybertronian Times Issue 18!

By now, many of you will have seen the fantastic cover and interior pin-up artwork for The Cybertronian Times by our artist Paula Griffee. If you haven’t yet, download your copy of Auto Assembly’s long-running fanzine The Cybertronian Times Issue 17 before Issue 18 is released at the end of February 2016! Well, now Paula is planning on doing something rather special for all of you for Issue 18 onwards and giving all of you the chance to get involved with the magazine…

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