James Horan Cabaret Performance At Auto Assembly 2015 Live On Youtube

Auto Assembly 2015 - James Horan

Adding to our newly-launched Youtube Channel, once again we’re proud to be able to bring you more footage from the weekend attendee exclusive Saturday night programme from this year’s convention for all of you to enjoy. As well as our Cosplay Competition and Script Reading, one of our guests of honour, James Horan (Wheeljack from Transformers: Prime) revealed that there was far more to his talents than met the eye…

In addition to his on-screen and voice over work, James is an accomplished singer and he took to the stage for a 30 minute cabaret set performing some of his favourite songs spanning the decades. The cabaret show was loved by those in attendance and we’re excited to be able to bring this to you in full, courtesy of James. Feel free to enjoy this and all the other videos that we will be uploading to the youtube channel in the coming months and for all the updates on it as they happen, don’t forget to subscribe!

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