Important Warning Against Hoax Callers Claiming To Be From Auto Assembly

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Hi everyone.

It’s been brought to our attention that a hoax call has been made to one of our attendees claiming to be from Auto Assembly telling the individual concerned that they had “won a prize from Auto Assembly”. While the call didn’t progress any further as the attendee wanted to verify whether the call was genuine or not, we are understandably concerned that people are being approached in this way.

Right now we don’t know how our attendee’s contact details have been obtained although we would strongly advise all of you to check your profiles on any social media sites that you may have a presence on and ensure that all of your personal details remain private.

Please remember that Auto Assembly will NEVER contact you asking for any financial details, nor do we request or hold telephone numbers on record, electronically or otherwise for our attendees.

If any more of you are contacted in this manner, please let us know noting the number that called you and the date/time of the caller.

Thank you,

The Auto Assembly Team

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