First Guests Confirmed For Auto Assembly 2014!

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As is traditional for the convention, last night we announced the first guests for Auto Assembly 2014 and this year we unveiled our biggest ever line-up. As well as some great comic guests, for the first time ever we are going to be joined by no fewer than FOUR voice actors! The first batch of confirmed guests are:

Guests Of Honour

  • Mike McConnohie (G1 – Cosmos / Tracks, RiD – Hotshot / Ironhide)
  • Peter Spellos (RiD – Skybyte)
  • Townsend Coleman (Transformers Animated – Sentinel Prime / Tracks)
  • David Sobolov (Beast Wars – Depth Charge, Transformers Prime – Shockwave)


  • Livio Ramondelli – IDW artist
  • Flint Dille – Autocracy / Monstrosity author, writer of Transformers: The Movie

And we have many more guests to be announced in the coming weeks. Come and join us as we celebrate 30 years of Transformers on 8th – 10th August 2014 at the Hilton Birmingham Metropole Hotel, Birmingham, England. You can book online NOW on the Auto Assembly 2014 Bookings Page.


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