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New FREE Auto Assembly Fanzines Released!

Auto Assembly is only 24 hours away and we are getting excited for it and I dare say all of you lucky enough to be attending are as well, so what could be better than getting you in the mood than a little taste of AA magic in the form of another free edition of […]

CT-Alpha Issue Two Available Now

That’s right Issue Two is now available. This issue contains 36 pages with the following: IS THIS PLANET INHIBITED? PART TWO OF TWO- eleven pages of comic strip action set in the Transformers: Animated universe by Burns/Turnbull/Marshall. We left Ratchet frozen in place by a a Porter C Powell modified Inhibitor Claw he’s obtained from…somewhere. […]

Auto Assembly 12 Days Of Christmas

Auto Assembly’s 12 Days Of Christmas – Day Eleven – A Brand New Fanzine

Day Eleven of Auto Assembly’s Twelve Days Of Christmas is here and we’re proud to announce the launch of a new product from Auto Assembly just in time for the festive season! Following the successful release of the free issue zero back in September, Issue One of our new fazine, CT Alpha is now available […]

CT Alpha Issue 0 Cover Preview

CT Alpha Subscriptions Available Now!

If you’ve taken advatange of the offer of the FREE copy of Issue 0 of our new fanzine, CT Alpha and you loved what you have seen, then you’ll be pleased to know that you can now subscribe to regular release of the magazine! The first issue is due to be released in approximately two […]

CT Alpha Issue Zero

CT-Alpha Issue Zero available now!

That’s right at long last Issue Zero of our new fanzine CT-Alpha from the creative team behind Auto Assembly’s convention magazine The Cybertronian Times, is available as promised this issue is entirely free of charge.  32 pages for the cost of your time. Click the link to download it now – CT-Alpha Issue Zero So what do […]