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Auto Assembly Reaches 1,000 Registrations Milestone!!

I want to extend a heartfelt thankyou once again to everyone who has registered for Auto Assembly, either by pre-booking or for those of you who have already come along today and purchased on-the-door tickets. Even though the convention doesn’t open its doors for another hour (at the time of writing this), I am incredibly […]

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Auto Assembly 2015 Starts Today!

Here we go folks… after a year of waiting, Auto Assembly 2015 is finally year. Fans have been gathering at the Hilton Birmingham Metropole Hotel in Birmingham, England from all over the world for the last couple of days to join us as we celebrate all things Transformers once again. We’ve got a fantastic guest […]

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Auto Assembly 2015 Pre-Registrations Are CLOSED!

With Auto Assembly 2015 just a couple of days away and all of us here at Auto Assembly HQ deep in the final preparations for the convention, it’s that time again where we are now having to bring pre-registrations for the convention to a close. We want to thank all of you who have booked […]

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Auto Assembly 2015 Pre-Registrations Close Today!

If you haven’t already booked your tickets for Auto Assembly 2015 then time is running out! With the convention just a matter of days away, we’re now having to bring pre-registrations to a close within the next 24 hours. We’re getting ready to pack up for the con which means that we’re now finishing off […]

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The Auto Assembly 2015 Free Gifts!

Right since the first Auto Assembly convention in 2000, we’ve given gifts away to everyone who has come along to the convention. Whether it’s been a case of hurling bags of crisps into the crowd of attendees back at our first venue, the Ibis, at the original Auto Assembly event to some of our more […]

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Auto Assembly 2015 Ticket Bookings Update – 17th June 2015

Following on from our update a couple of days ago regarding the issue that some of you are having in bookig tickets for Auto Assembly 2015, our tech guru Steve Mapes has been delving deep into our booking system to try to identify exactly what has been causing the problem for many of you as […]

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Important Notice – Auto Assembly 2015 Ticket Bookings

It’s been brought to our attention that a few of you have been having difficulties booking tickets for Auto Assembly 2015 over the last few days through the website. Once deciding on the ticket type that you have wanted to buy and clicking on the “add to cart” button, a number of you have experienced […]

Auto Assembly 2015 Hotel Update – 14th April 2015

Hi everyone, With just a few months to go, we know many of you are now busy making preparations for Auto Assembly 2015. A lot of you have already booked your tickets for the convention, some of you are checking to see if you can afford to join us for our final event, while others […]

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Auto Assembly 2015 Single Day Tickets On Sale Now!

For those of you who are unable to join us at this year’s convention for the full weekend but who have still wanted to be a part of Auto Assembly 2015, we are now pleased to confirm that one day tickets are now on sale for Europe’s Largest Transformers Convention! We know many of you […]

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Auto Assembly 2015… The Last Ever Auto Assembly

Hi everyone, It’s with a great deal of sadness and after a lot of deliberation over the last couple of months, that we have to bring you the news that this year’s convention, Auto Assembly 2015, is going to be our last. Auto Assembly has been running for a long time – 15 years in […]