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Auto Assembly 2014 Post-Con Report

By now everyone has had time to recover from AA2014, including all of us here at Auto Assembly HQ so now we can finally take a look back at this year’s convention and share some of our own thoughts with all of you on what was an epic weekend… Looking back it’s hard to believe […]

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Auto Assembly 2014 Exclusive T-Shirt Unveiled!

Just when you thought that we’d announced everything for this year’s convention, we are proud to announce yet another exclusive for Auto Assembly 2014… In partnership with our friends at Urban Species, we are proud to announce that this year’s convention will have a limited edition exclusive t-shirt! Available from the Urban Species table in […]

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Trading Card Giveaway At Auto Assembly 2014 With In Demand Toys

It seems as if a day can’t go past right now without another announcement about something being given away to those of you making the trip to Auto Assembly 2014 to celebrate 30 years of the Transformers with us and this time, our good friends at In Demand Toys are once again feeling generous and […]

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The Fan Sales Table Returns For Auto Assembly 2014!

No matter how passionate we all are as collectors, sooner or later we find that we have Transformers merchandise or toys that we no longer want. Trying to dispose of your unwanted items on eBay may be all well and good but how often do you have to relist them before clinching that all important […]

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Auto Assembly 2014 Dealers Tables 50% Sold Out

Even though we are still over three weeks away from Auto Assembly 2013, we are busy making plans for next year’s convention. What has astonished us this year has been the incredible rate at which dealers tables have sold for the convention. Because of the space we have available in the hall and the new […]