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Auto Assembly 2015 Pre-Registrations Are CLOSED!

With Auto Assembly 2015 just a couple of days away and all of us here at Auto Assembly HQ deep in the final preparations for the convention, it’s that time again where we are now having to bring pre-registrations for the convention to a close. We want to thank all of you who have booked […]

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Auto Assembly 2015 – Full Dealers List

We’ve said before that Auto Assembly 2015 is set to be our biggest convention yet and that’s set to be the case in almost every way. Not only have we already had more people book for the convention than our total number of attendees from Auto Assembly 2014 but we also have a car display […]

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Auto Assembly 2015 Pre-Registrations Close Today!

If you haven’t already booked your tickets for Auto Assembly 2015 then time is running out! With the convention just a matter of days away, we’re now having to bring pre-registrations to a close within the next 24 hours. We’re getting ready to pack up for the con which means that we’re now finishing off […]

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Bookings Open For Auto Assembly 2014!

We’ve been inundated with emails and messages over the last few weeks about Auto Assembly 2014. Many of you are – for one reason or another – unable to join us at the convention this year and have been asking us not only what the date is for Auto Assembly 2014 but when tickets will […]

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Auto Assembly 2012 Non-Attendee Pack – September Update

For those of you who are waiting for your Non-Attendee Pack from Auto Assembly 2012, we just wanted to bring you another update on this… all of the main packs containing the convention magazine, comic, Marlboor Upgrade Kits (for those of you who ordered them), postcards and everything else have now been shipped and if […]

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Auto Assembly 2012 Marlboor Kitbash Workshop Video Released!

We’ve been promising this since before Auto Assembly 2012 took place, but at long last we can now proudly present to all of you a special edition of the custom kitbash workshop from Auto Assembly 2012 to accompany the convention exclusive Marlboor upgrade kit produced for the event by Calloway Customs. Rather than simply filming […]

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Auto Assembly 2012 Sponsors – Our Thanks

We had a huge number of sponsors who helped us out with Auto Assembly 2012 and helped to make the convention possible, ranging from supporting us with competition prizes and assisting with our displays to a wide range of other aspects of the convention. We want to take this opportunity to thank all of them […]

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A Special Message From Michael Bell

As you know, we were fortunate enough to have been joined by three voice actors for Auto Assembly 2012 – Paul Eiding, Townsend Coleman, and Michael Bell. Sadly, because of a family emergency, Michael had to leave the convention early on Sunday morning to return home. Despite this, he still spent time signing autographs for […]

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Auto Assembly 2012 Smashes European Attendance Record

Auto Assembly 2012 has now passed but not without making its mark once again on Transformers fandom! The convention was a huge success and almost everyone who attended over the weekend has told us that they thought that it was the best Auto Assembly convention ever! It’s certainly high praise and has meant that we’ve […]

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Auto Assembly 2012 Pre-Registrations Are Closed!

Sorry everyone but if you were planning on pre-registering for Auto Assembly 2012 and having a chance to get a personalised pass for this year’s convention then you’ve missed out as pre-registrations for Auto Assembly 2012 are now CLOSED. We still have a number of tickets for the convention still available, but you will need […]