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Geoff Senior Confirmed For Auto Assembly 2013!

With just a few days to go, we couldn’t let things rest without a few final surprises for all of you attending – or planning on attending Auto Assembly 2013 this coming weekend… We are proud to announce the return of Marvel UK artist Geoff Senior to Auto Assembly. Geoff last joined us a few […]

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Regeneration One Reunited At Auto Assembly 2013

With less than two weeks to go, we are pleased to be able to announce that we have yet another guest joining us this year for Auto Assembly 2013! Stephen Baskerville, inker and artist for the Marvel UK comics and currently working alongside Simon Furman and Andrew Wildman on Regeneration One for IDW. Known to […]

Dan Gilvezan and Bumblebee and Me

Auto Assembly 2013 Presents – Night Of The Bumblebee!

Auto Assembly 2013 is just ONE MONTH away and we’re pleased to be able to bring you the first exciting details of this year’s schedule starting with the Friday night of the convention, which is EXCLUSIVE for weekend ticket holders… We are really excited about this extra special programme and we believe that it is […]

Alex Milne Starscream

Alex Milne To Attend Auto Assembly 2013

We thought we’d surprise all of you with one final guest for this year’s convention and what a surprise it is! We’re pleased to announce the debut of IDW artist Alex Milne to Auto Assembly this year! Alex will be joining us at Auto Assembly 2013 for the whole weekend and will be doing sketches […]

Jim Sorenson

Jim Sorenson To Attend Auto Assembly 2013

After a three year absence, we are proud to announce that writer Jim Sorenson is making a much-overdue return to Auto Assembly for the 2013 convention taking place over the weekend of 9th – 11th August 2013. In his own words, Jim is a super-secret spy, has a motorcycle, marooned in space, meets Hercules… or […]

Nick Roche Confirmed For Auto Assembly 2013

We promised that this would be a special week of guest announcements and we thought that we couldn’t let things rest with just Jason Cardy and Kat Nicholson so we thought that it was time to continue… so we’re proud to announce that in August, once again we are being joined by none other than […]

Jason Cardy

Jason Cardy and Kat Nicholson Confirmed For Auto Assembly 2013

Yesterday on our Twitter page, we mentioned that we were going to be bringing you details of four guests who will be joining us at Auto Assembly 2013 and today we can announce the first of these… Once again, we are pleased to announce that we are being joined by Jason Cardy and Kat Nicholson! […]

Andrew Griffith To Attend Auto Assembly 2013!

We promised you all more guest announcements this month and we’re proud to announce the Auto Assembly debut of  IDW artist Andrew Griffith at this year’s convention! Andrew is currently working on the fan-favourite title Robots in Disguise, although he has previously worked for IDW on Last Stand Of The Wreckers and the movie adaptations […]

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John-Paul Bove To Attend Auto Assembly 2013

We promised you more guests for Auto Assembly 2013, and we can now confirm that Regeneration One colourist John-Paul Bove is making a welcome return to Auto Assembly. As with all of our comic guests, he will be on hand all weekend in our guest area and no doubt will be on stage at some […]

Liam Shalloo Added To Auto Assembly 2013 Guest Line-Up

Continuing our series of announcements for the guest line-up for Auto Assembly 2013, Europe’s Largest Transformers Convention, we can now confirm the return of comic colourist Liam Shalloo. Liam has been a regular at Auto Assembly for the last few years and has been involved quite heavily in the convention over the last few years, […]