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Once again, we are growing our new-look team and we’re incredibly excited and proud to bring a fresh face to Auto Assembly and while this is someone new to Auto Assembly it’s one that we know you’ll all be hearing a lot of in the months and years to come…

The latest member of the Auto Assembly family is Paula Griffee who is joining us as our in-house artist. Paula, who hails from Finland, is a freelance illustrator who specialises in digital illustration and she’ll be bringing her own vibrant artwork to all aspects of Auto Assembly’s future work starting with the upcoming issue of The Cybertronian Times where not only will Paula be providing some of the interior artwork but also the fabulous cover that you can see here.

Known to her fans and followers on Tumblr as Grafeeni, you can see some of her portfolio or commission artwork or prints from her over at or contact her at

The Cybertronian Times Issue 17 Cover Preview

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