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We’ve said before that Auto Assembly 2015 is set to be our biggest convention yet and that’s set to be the case in almost every way. Not only have we already had more people book for the convention than our total number of attendees from Auto Assembly 2014 but we also have a car display that’s double the size of the one from 2014 and we’ve relocated into the Hilton’s largest hall. As part of this, it’s allowed us to bring you more dealers than ever and we feel that it’s giving us the best range ever at the convention so without wasting any more time we want to introduce our final dealer line-up for Auto Assembly 2015…

  • A1 Comics
  • All The Cool Stuff
  • Beyond Technology
  • Brikabrax UK
  • Ceno’s Kibble
  • Colin Bilbow
  • Fan Sales Table
  • Geek-Station
  • Gundam Mad
  • In Demand Toys
  • Joker’s Toybox
  • Kapow Toys
  • Rasmus Hardiker
  • Tempting Toys
  • The Space-Bridge
  • Toy-Fu
  • TTPs Collectables
  • Urban Species
  • Xyber Toys

Not to mention all of the comic artists who will be in our guest area and the artists who will be taking up residence in our Artists Alley, all of whom will be selling original artwork, prints and will be sketching for attendees all weekend.

Comic Artists / Colourists

  • John-Paul Bove
  • Andrew Griffith
  • Alex Milne
  • Nick Roche
  • Andrew Wildman
  • Kei Zama

Artists Alley

  • Lee Bradley
  • Jason Cardy
  • Kris Carter
  • Alies Meerman
  • Kat Nicholson
  • Liam Shalloo
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