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The Cybertronian Times Issue 17 Out Next Week!

Since Auto Assembly 2015 back in August our new team has been working around the clock on a number of projects and we’re really excited to announce that the latest of these is set to be unleashed upon the world next week! Our long-running fanzine, The Cybertronian Times, is getting a new lease of life on Monday 30th November when the latest issue is released in its new format as a completely FREE digital download and now being released quarterly!

First released in 1998 as a 20-page black-and-white A5 paper fanzine, it’s come a long way in its 17-year lifespan. In that time it’s gone from being a standalone publication to being adopted as the official fanzine of Auto Assembly’s long-running convention which all of you will have received when attending our events to coming full circle from Issue 17 out next week standing once again on its own two robotic feet. We all think that it’s one of our best issues yet with great cover art by our latest team member Paula Griffee, fiction, comic strips, toy and video game reviews, articles and the long-overdue return of our letters page Jazz Jives!

You’ll be able to download it from our website from the new Auto Assembly Fanzine Download Page but if you want to beat the rush and be amongst the first to get the magazine before anyone else, just sign up to our free mailing list and you’ll get the next and all future issues the instant they are released!

There’s still time for YOU to get involved though! While the content for the magazine is 99% complete and is just in the final stages of being tweaked, we’re still looking for writers and artists who want to be a part of this and future issues so feel free to get in touch with us at to see how you can get involved. If you run a business selling Transformers or related merchandise, we do still have space for advertisers in the fanzine so if you want to have your company featured in the mag from as little as ¬£10 per issue then email us NOW at but hurry – the ad deadline for Issue 17 is Friday 27th November 2015 and Issue 18 is early February 2016!

So stay tuned and come back to the site next week or check your inboxes for a great read!

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Auto Assembly 2015 - James Horan

James Horan Cabaret Performance At Auto Assembly 2015 Live On Youtube

Adding to our newly-launched Youtube Channel, once again we’re proud to be able to bring you more footage from the weekend attendee exclusive Saturday night programme from this year’s convention for all of you to enjoy. As well as our Cosplay Competition and Script Reading, one of our guests of honour, James Horan (Wheeljack from Transformers: Prime) revealed that there was far more to his talents than met the eye…

In addition to his on-screen and voice over work, James is an accomplished singer and he took to the stage for a 30 minute cabaret set performing some of his favourite songs spanning the decades. The cabaret show was loved by those in attendance and we’re excited to be able to bring this to you in full, courtesy of James. Feel free to enjoy this and all the other videos that we will be uploading to the youtube channel in the coming months and for all the updates on it as they happen, don’t forget to subscribe!

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Auto Assembly – Join Our Team!

We’ve introduced you to the first five members of the new-look Auto Assembly team so far but we’re not satisfied with leaving it at that and we want more fresh blood to add to the fantastic talent pool that we have behind the scenes here at Auto Assembly HQ! While we will be looking at adding people over the coming months to work on all of our upcoming projects, we do have a few specific roles right now that we want to bring some people in for to be a part of Auto Assembly and maybe one of those people could be YOU…

You don’t need to have any previous experience in science fiction fandom, with any organisations of any kind or even in convention organising – we’re just looking for people with a bit of time to spare who are keen to get involved and be a part of Auto Assembly’s future. Obviously a passion for Transformers is essential and we’d prefer people who have attended at least one Auto Assembly convention in the past so you’re at least familiar with some of our past work!

We’ll be introducing more team members shortly that we’re already talking to as well as our next project soon, the next couple of positions that we need filling are:-

Charity Coordinator

We’re re-starting all of our charity work very shortly and we need someone to take a lead on this. Not only will you work with identifying charities for us to support, but work with finding ways to raise money for our chosen charities, helping to promote our fundraising campaigns, and sourcing items for raffles, online auctions and other activities.

Marketing Coordinator

There’s no point in us doing all of our current work if we don’t tell people about them so we need someone to take a lead with our promotional work. You’ll be working with Transformers websites and forums, taking over as our Press Liaison and working to handle most of our press releases working with the rest of our team. If it involves promoting any aspect of our work – whether it’s our Youtube Channel, The Cybertronian Times, expanding our Mailing List or anything else – the chances are you’ll be involved!

Other Roles

Open to anyone – and we’d also hope that those taking on the above positions would like to be a part of them – we’d like people to get involved with our forum, contributing to the continuation of our magazine The Cybertronian Times, get involved in our regional meets (and organising them in their local towns / cities), and we’re open to other ideas and suggestions too. Just drop us an email and we can take things from there!

– – –

So if you’re interested in any of these, get in touch using our Contact Form. With 26 years under our belts in sci-fi fandom (under our parent organisation, Infinite Frontiers), it’s a really exciting time for us as we move into the latest phase of all of our work. It’s a new era for Auto Assembly and it’s a great time for our new team to be in place bringing in decades of experience into our team and the return of one of our longest-serving team members and some familar faces.

As a constantly evolving organisation that has seen over 50 people come and go as part of it’s core team since starting in August 1989, we’re looking forward to another 25 years with more of the great things you’ve come to expect from Auto Assembly and Infinite Frontiers and we’d love to have some of you come and work with us to make them a reality and to have all of you come and join us for the ride!

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Auto Assembly Introduces Its Latest Team Member…

Once again, we are growing our new-look team and we’re incredibly excited and proud to bring a fresh face to Auto Assembly and while this is someone new to Auto Assembly it’s one that we know you’ll all be hearing a lot of in the months and years to come…

The latest member of the Auto Assembly family is Paula Griffee who is joining us as our in-house artist. Paula, who hails from Finland, is a freelance illustrator who specialises in digital illustration and she’ll be bringing her own vibrant artwork to all aspects of Auto Assembly’s future work starting with the upcoming issue of The Cybertronian Times where not only will Paula be providing some of the interior artwork but also the fabulous cover that you can see here.

Known to her fans and followers on Tumblr as Grafeeni, you can see some of her portfolio or commission artwork or prints from her over at or contact her at

The Cybertronian Times Issue 17 Cover Preview

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Introducing The New Auto Assembly Team

With the convention being wound down back in August, many have asked what’s next for Auto Assembly? We have said many times that we have a lot of exciting plans ahead but to do that we have needed to rebuild our team. Since all our work, as Infinite Frontiers, started back in 1989 with our humble beginnings as a Doctor Who fan club formed by the trio of Simon Plumbe, Stephen Coller and Mark Haggett, we’ve been constantly changing and evolving with team members coming and going all the time.

It’s all change again following Auto Assembly 2015. There were a large number of reasons why we brought the convention to a close this year (which we’ll talk about another time) but many of these were because of personal issues and other commitments for many of the 2015 event team so it was time for a regeneration! So bearing in mind all of our plans for the future of Auto Assembly, it was time to take a fresh approach for the team…

Simon Plumbe

Heading up the team as always, Simon will be overseeing most aspects of Auto Assembly, organising social activities in Cardiff, running the website and our other online activities and will be the co-editor of The Cybertronian Times. Away from Auto Assembly, Simon is also the editor and founder of the PlayStation Vita video games website Vita Player. You can get in touch with Simon at

Trish Plumbe

Simon’s long-suffering wife Trish will be in charge of our social media outlets so if you are ever visiting our Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr accounts and asking us questions over there, the chances are that it will be Trish that you’re talking to! Need to know anything about our social media coverage? Contact Trish at

Sven Harvey

Auto Assembly co-founder Sven is making a long overdue return to Auto Assembly. Sven’s initial roles will involve working alongside Simon on The Cybertronian Times and organising Auto Assembly linked social events in Birmingham. Sven also runs the sci-fi and and fantasy online community Geekology GB along with co-presenting the GeekologyGB Youtube Channel. If you want to contact Sven, he can be emailed at

Matthew Grant

A new face to the core Auto Assembly team but not a stranger to Auto Assembly, Matt is joining us as our official photographer and face of the convention on the relaunched Auto Assembly Youtube Channel. He’ll be working to help us have a fantastic selection of videos for all of you to enjoy all year long. Outside of Auto Assembly, Matt can be found producing videos for his own Youtube Channel, Toy Therapy, bringing geeks his regular views and reviews on countless toys across the entire spectrum of the SF and fantasy genre. If you have any ideas for anything you’d like to see on our Youtube channel, just drop Matt a message at

* * *

We’ll be bringing you more details on some other surprises our team members are working on shortly and we’ll be bringing in some more people to the team VERY soon… who knows, one of these could be YOU!

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Auto Assembly 2015 Script Reading Online NOW!

For those of you who were able to join us for this year’s convention for the full weekend, you will have seen (and hopefully) enjoyed the script reading performed by our voice actor guests and a host of other special performers on stage on the Saturday evening. Written exclusively for Auto Assembly 2015 by none other than Simon Furman, the only way you could see the script reading was to be at the convention and to be in posession of a weekend ticket for the event… until now!

We are proud to release the script reading in its full unedited form for all of you to enjoy as we relaunch our Youtube Channel! The new channel will feature footage from Auto Assembly 2015 as well as archive footage from past years – guest panels, workshops, script readings and much more including a lot of never-before-seen footage coming your way in the next few months! Until then, we’d like to bring you the Auto Assembly 2015 Script reading, starring Sumalee Montano, James Horan, Peter Spellos, Rasmus Hardiker, Nick Roche, John-Paul Bove, Chris Finney and Alies Meerman. You can watch it below or directly on our new channel at:-

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Transformers – What’s YOUR Favourite…?

We’re working hard here at Auto Assembly on the next issue of our fanzine The Cybertronian Times which is set for release in November. As part of the next phase of Auto Assembly’s development, The Cybertronian Times – which you will have all been receiving as part of your attendee pack at the convention for the last few years – is undergoing some big changes and starting with the next issue it is going 100% digital!

It’s going to be released as a DRM-free title and will be available as a free download here on the website but subscribers to our free mailing list will be able to get it a few days early. Each issue will have a mix of articles, reviews, interviews, fiction, comic strips and more besides but we want your help! As well as looking for contributions from YOU, our readers for the fanzine in terms of articles, reviews, fiction, comic strips, artwork, we’re also looking for submissions to the long-overdue return of our letters page as well as an exciting new feature we’re bringing to the magazine…

The new “My Favourite…” will be a regular feature written by YOU looking at fans’ personal favourites across all aspects of Transformers. We want you to tell us what are your favourite Transformers TV shows, toys, comics, episodes, comic story-arcs… absolutely anything and why! Just write it down in no more than 600-700 words and we’ll publish as many of them as we can over the coming months!

If you want to get involved in this, or in any other part of The Cybertronian Times, just drop us an email to

AA2015 New Logo

Auto Assembly 2015 Fanzine Workshop Special Available Now!

At Auto Assembly 2015 we did something rather unique for the convention – we brought together attendees in a special workshop hosted by Andy Turnbull, editor of The Cybertronian Times, where he took them through the creative process of producing a Transformers fanzine from start to finish. Working with artist Ed Pirrie and a host of fans, over the course of the weekend we saw an incredible amount of work producing a range of artwork, stories and original content and we’re proud to be able to bring you this fanzine now as a free download!

While it may be rough around the edges, it shows wonderfully the raw creativity of our attendees and just what can be achieved in such a short space of time. We are incredibly proud of the hard work of everyone involved at the convention as well as Andy and all who were involved in the workshop. You all did us proud. You can get the fanzine directly at:-

Poll-Yhex Hasbro Fan Poll

Hasbro Modern Fan Poll Online!

At Auto Assembly 2015 we were joined by Michjael Liddle, a representative from Hasbro who was conducting interviews with attendees at the convention as part of their 2015 Modern Fan Survey. Hasbro are now actively trying to gain a greater understanding of what we – the fan community – want from Transformers and while we still only represent about 15% – 20% of the customer base for the brand, they want our voices to be heard.

Since attending the convention, a staggering 7,000 people have now completed the survey, which takes between 30-35 minutes to complete (depending on how much detail you feel like sharing) and they’ve asked us to pass on the link for all of you to complete it online and share with your friends for them to get involved as well…

To take part and share your views, just click the link below to be taken through to the online survey.

Please note that the survey closes at 10:30pm on Sunday the 13th of September and it is also advisable to take the survey on a desktop or laptop PC as the survey is not mobile optimised.

Hasbro thank all of you for your time and collaboration on this research project.

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To Auto Assembly 2015’s 1064 attendees… we salute you!

Yes, you read it correctly, we’re proud to say that not only has Auto Assembly once again broken it’s own record for the number of fans attending a European Transformers convention but we well and truly smashed out old record! Last year 938 people celebrated the 30th Anniversary of Transformers with us and we hoped that we would reach the magical 1,000 figure this year but none of were prepared for what happened…

Well, at Auto Assembly 2015 we were incredibly proud to welcome through the doors our 1064th attendee to the convention. It was a monumental moment for us here at Auto Assembly. When we held our first event back in 2000 with just 31 attendees we never in our wildest dreams imagined that so many of you would come along and share your love and appreciation of Transformers with us and – more importantly – meet up with and make new friends over the course of the last 15 years. Back in 2009 we were left speechless when we had over 500 attendees – the first time a European event had that large a number, something that people thought was an impossible goal and ever since that time people had been telling us that we should aim for the “magic 1,000”!

It’s not about us though – YOU are the ones who have made it happen. You have come together from all over the world and it’s your devotion, dedication and passion that has made the convention what it has become. I can’t thank all of you enough for the atmosphere that you have created at Auto Assembly over the years, and how proud you have made me feel. At the same time, I have to extend thanks to everyone who has worked hard behind the scenes to make the event happen and run smoothly – the rest of the Auto Assembly team, the tireless volunteers who have given their all throughout the weekend, all of our dealers, those who have brought us all of our convention exclusives – not just this year but every year and last – but certainly by no means least – our incredible guests and those who joined us in our Artists Alley. I could go on forever thanking everyone personally for their input and work over the years and at Auto Assembly 2015 especially but I would be here for an eternity.

I do want to give two special mentions though… first, my long-suffering wife Trish who has had to put up with me running the convention and everything associated with it over the years. As well as all of her work behind the scenes which all of you have not only seen but worn as you’ve walked around the convention, it’s her love and support that has kept me going when things have been a struggle.

Secondly is my co-conspirator back when Auto Assembly was first conceived, Sven Harvey. If it wasn’t for Sven’s original idea and the two of us working together (and his tireless efforts into brain-washing me into becomming a Transformers fan), Auto Assembly may well never have existed!

And so to the future of Auto Assembly… well, that’s a story for another time but as Simon Furman always says – “it never ends!”.

Simon Plumbe
Auto Assembly